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Band robbery in Vic Village please help!

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    A friend and his band were staying at my house, when someone broke into their car and stole a bunch of instruments and other equipment. The instruments are one of a kind and include rockabilly signatures all over them. One guys guitar was a resonator he had since he started playing.

    If you happen to notice the instuments anywhere let them know. In fact there is a reward as well!

    Otherwise please donate, they were just starting their tour and had no rental insurance so they are pretty much on their own.

    Thanks all!




    Or contact me.



    Post more detailed description of stolen equipment to aid folks who may come across someone selling stuff?



    Thanks for the interest, I think there is a description in the gofundme but I can try (I am not a musician)

    Slap bass with a bunch of signatures all over and a repaired hole on it.

    A guitar also with signatures on it (can’t remember which ones)

    And a silver resenator guitar.

    I will contact the folks and see if they will post better descriptions.

    Thanks again!



    They found the bass someone that was his friend bought it off a guy near Luigi’s in the short north and noticed on Facebook it was stolen. Nice guy but if you happened to have a similar experience let me know. They are willing to pay you back whatever you are out.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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