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Bambi's Mom is New Nationwide Spokesperson

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    This morning, on my way back from getting coffee, I see a group of security people gathered in front of my building. When I went up to see what was happening (I’m nosy like that), they point to the little “woods” we have in front and lo and behold, there’s a full-grown doe.

    How it got there and where it came from, nobody knows, but, right now, it’s still out there.

    I took a photo but my camera on my phone sucks ass.


    Goodale Park has 9 new fuzzy ducklings trolling the pond, check ’em out, before they get eaten by the turtles, very cute!




    May 7, 2008 – Wildlife Officials Caution Well-meaning Citizens to Think Before They Act When it Comes to Animals That Appear Orphaned

    Animals taken from the wild rarely survive hand raising or release back to the wild

    Columbus, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife has some strong advice for well-meaning people who seek to rescue wild animals that appear to be orphaned: Leave them alone!

    A doe will protect her young from predators by leaving it alone for long periods of time. The fawn may be hidden in a hay field, a grassy meadow, the edge of a homeowner’s lawn, or even in a flowerbed. Regardless of where she left the fawn, the doe will stay away until after dark then return to nurse it. If the doe is nowhere in sight, some people mistakenly believe the fawn is abandoned and try to help it by taking it out of the wild.

    Wild animals have a better chance of survival if left alone in the wild. Studies have shown that more than half of the fawns that are brought in by well-meaning people do not survive rehabilitation and most of the remaining animals die shortly after reentry to the wild. Additionally, handling stresses the animal, and excessive handling can make the animal defensive or can ultimately contribute to its death.


    COLUMBUS, Ohio – – A young buck has decided to call the plaza in front of Nationwide Insurance on High St. home. The deer has been there since about 3 this morning. The area has been taped off to ensure neither the deer nor any people would be injured.

    Nationwide Security tells NBC 4 Photographer Andy Long, that The Ohio Department of Natural Resources can do nothing with the fuzzy antlered buck. They say that if they tranquilize him, due to his young age he may die. Likewise Animal Control can do nothing since the deer is a wild animal.

    Nationwide has been advised to wait it out, an hope he leaves on his own.



    There is a giant clutch of Cooper’s Hawks, in a tree in the front yard of my daughter’s school! The eggs are supposed to be a brilliant blue. I wonder if they have hatched yet.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    NBC4i.com wrote Deer Calls Nationwide Insurance Home

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    By Jason Mays

    A young buck has decided to call the plaza in front of Nationwide Insurance on High Street home, NBC 4 reported.

    The deer has been there since about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning.

    The area was taped off to ensure neither the deer nor any people would be injured.




    I almost hit a dear a few years ago going down 670 right by the Neil Ave exit. When I used to work 2nd shift I was driving home from work around 3am in my jeep with the top off. A deer jumps over the gaurd rail and bolts right towards my jeep, I swerved my jeep at about 50 miles per hour and swear I had it on 2 wheels. The deer was so close to my car I know I could have reached out and touched it as I passed it. I stopped at the end of the Neil Ave exit and sat there for a minute while I settled down. The only time in my life I have almost hit a dear and it was in downtown Columbus. The next day on my way to work I saw the poor guy dead on the opposite side of the road. Someone was not as lucky as me.

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