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Baby friendly places in town?

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    I find myself with a one month old and no return to work until August. I know I’ll need to get out of the house regularly. What are some good places to go to? I know baby won’t be DOING much, so I’m looking for places that would be convenient for me. Parks, the zoo, etc? Places that are stroller friendly (or not, since I can wear her in a carrier)? Pros would be easy parking, restrooms with changing trays, places to nurse, etc. But those aren’t deal breakers either. Indoors or outdoors since Ohio weather is Ohio weather.

    Not that Tom
    Not that Tom

    Generally speaking, I’d say most places are pro-baby

    Rare Exceptions:

    -Hoover Dam near railings
    -Arby’s on 3rd
    -Bicentennial Park Fountains past the curfew
    -strip clubs
    -Doo Dah Parade
    -West Franklinton
    -railroad tracks
    -Comfest (after the drugs start kicking in)
    -rainy days
    -horseback riding

    Other than those places, you should be alright


    Analogue Kid

    Congrats on the new addition! My wife is due very soon with our first and I’ve been pondering the same thing. Pretty sure the Park of Roses and the Scioto Mile/Bicentennial Park have changing tables and it’s generally a good time of year to be out. In for other suggestions though.



    Hello! I would strongly recommend that YMCA. They allow for babies as young as 6 weeks in most cases and will give 2 hours of childcare a day while you are on the premises. Best deal ever. Fun places to take baby- firefly cafe (free for adults and young children) and definitely baby friendly, the zoo is great, cosi is fun and they definitely have areas for very young children, libraries have a lot of good activities, all of the metroparks are excellent and offer something different. Enjoy!


    Everything is open with a baby. I would not take the tyke to M on a saturday at 8pm but otherwise, they do where you go.

    Festival season coming up. I found that while the stroller brings all your stuff great, it is tough to drive with all the people. Set up a blanket on the grass and listen to music. A rainy day is a good day to hit Tuttle or Polaris, don’t laugh, then you can bring a stroller and look at pretty lights.

    The time you need recs is about a year or two away when they are active.

    North Bank park fountains are quieter and just as cool

    Grandview Library has a great kids area plus programming

    The zoo has a playground that is fun plus indoor spots when needed. We went a ton in winter and hung out with the manatees and snakes when nobody else went. You can bring your own food and picnic at teh spot with the metal dinosaur near N. America

    Wyman Woods in Grandview is a gem, same with McKinley. Miller park in U/A is great for kids. Tour the Capitol building for free. The Conservatory is a great cheap membership, put down about eight kids names and bring friends, they dont care.

    You can tour the whistle factory, just make sure to lose it shortly after arriving home. Same with the candy factory.

    Cosi was not a bad membership if you have the budget for it. Best swim lessons were Dublin rec as they have zero entry.



    The Columbus Art Museum’s sculpture garden is a nice, low-key place to go. You can get something at the restaurant, and sit outside with the baby. It’s a comfy place to meet up with friends with their own kids in tow.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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