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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    From here: http://www.northmarket.com/blog/index.php/2010/11/north-market-welcomes-new-merchants-and-familiar-merchants-in-new-places/

    Lan T. Pham and husband Thanh T. Le have purchased Lac Viet Market from Thang Nguyen. Thang will still be in the food business but his focus will be on his Bethel Road restaurant. While the restaurant has undergone a subtle name shift to Lan Viet Market, the overall concept will remain the same. Lan Viet Market will continue to serve high quality, affordable, healthy and authentic Vietnamese food and provide friendly, family business-oriented service. It is a formula that has served the business well for more than six years and we wish Lan and Thanh continued success and many satisfied new and returning customers!

    More: http://www.northmarket.com/meet-the-market/merchants/lan-viet-market


    Babushka’s columbus is moving!
    New location coming soon! Last day of operations is Saturday July 21st at the beachwold center location!

    Dennis and the team at Babushka’s Kitchen in Columbus have deciced to move the restaurant to a new location. After we close the doors on Saturday night we will begin the process of moving to the new location. Our new home is 5173 Sinclair Rd. Columbus OH 43229, it is just a bit over a mile from where we are now. We expect to be closed for a couple of weeks for the permit process, but we will keep you posted via our facebook page as well as our website and eNewsletter.

    Come stop out to the Clintonville location for a delicious lunch or dinner on Friday and/or Saturday. Get your fill of our Pierogi, Stuffed Cabbages and Kolachky pastries to last you a few weeks while we transition.



    That’s probably the ugliest stretch of Sinclair Rd. – why would they move there? Cheaper rent?



    ^I would suspect cheaper rent to be playing a role. It seemed like they were doing well there and the food has always been good. I don’t think it’s the kind of fare that people seek out on a hot summer day though, perhaps this summer’s heat has hurt them somewhat?

    I hope another dining option moves into the building soon.


    Brian R

    Their Facebook post on the move mentioned “economics” when someone asked why they were moving. Probably cheaper rent and I’m guessing they’ll be able to sell alcohol at the new location. Sad to see them move, I could walk to the current location.



    Babushka’s Kitchen Relocating to Sinclair Road
    Published on July 31, 2012 3:30 pm
    By: Walker

    After a year and a half, the Columbus location of Cleveland-based Babushka’s Kitchen is on the move. Their Beechwold location closed for good on July 20th, and the business is in the process of relocating to 5173 Sinclair Road.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/babushkas-kitchen-relocating-to-sinclair-road



    Cheaper rent is the obvious reason. In hindsight, I wonder if it was a bad move to take on the cursed Scottie MacBean’s– huge space to fill for a rather niche concept (no matter how normal it is to NE Ohioans!). I’ve known a few successful restauranteurs who have coveted that space and were frighted by the high rent. Damn shame– could be a great spot with the right concept if rent was reasonable and if the neighborhood was more welcoming.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Via Email:

    Babushka’s Kitchen reopened a couple of weeks ago.

    5173 Sinclair Rd
    Columbus, Oh 43229

    Hours – Tues-Sat 11am – 9pm; closed Sun/Mon We are available to book private parties on Sunday and Monday.



    The announced on Facebook a few minutes ago that they’re closed for good.


    Mister Shifter





    That’s too bad, but can’t say that I’m really surprised. I enjoyed the place the few times I visited when they were on High St.

    Hi friends. The restaurant is closed and will not reopen. The team at Babushka’s Kitchen would like to thank you for your support over the past couple years.




    I see that a Rite Rug will be moving into the former Babushka’s Kitchen/Scottie McBeans location. My guess is they won’t need a liquor permit to be successful.

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