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Austen & Dj Push talk about new monthly house/techno show Standard

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    I do not write often about events. I did and still do find it hard to figure out different ways to say an event is going to be hot, fresh, new. It just isn’t that intellectually or artistically stimulating. That difficulty drove me this summer to do some serious thinking about my Local Autonomy project and what I would write about. I concluded in a past post that we all need to be discerning realists of how larger forces shape our local dance community, but need to hold fast to the romantic ideas that drive us all to want to be part of an artistic community. My romantic ideas about the emancipatory potential and magic of dance music has driven me to want to do a string of interviews with people about the events they are putting on. The whole purpose of these interviews is not to be a Hype Beast in the Columbus dance music community (There are already enough of those). Yes, there is some promotional aspect to these interviews, but the broader intention is to hear peoples views about why they are putting on events and what they think it adds to our dance community.

    I think a great starting place is to interview Aaron Austen & Dj Push about their new monthly Standard, which starts this Friday, February 15th at the Old Standard Lounge in Red Zone. Both Austen and Push are no strangers to the Local Autonomy Project. They have graciously given their time and energy not only with interviews, but also with helping me put on the BLUR show last November. However, I am not interviewing them for that reason. I am interviewing them because Standard brings house and techno sounds back to the historic Red Zone space on a monthly basis and aims to bridge boundaries in our community. I find these to be worthy and important intentions for any event that aims to add to the artistic dialogue of our community, as it seeks to draw on our history to create new memories and collaborations. I also think that the line up is air-tight musically. Austen, Push, Campassi, & Knell all have extensive and deep knowledge of dance music and spend a lot of time devoted to bringing new sounds to our dance spaces across town. They have a particular knack for taste-making in their live performances that I have benefitted from directly. But thats enough from me.

    Click Here to read the Interview

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