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As much as I hate gasoline... The new Fiat 500

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    I can’t believe a gasoline hater such as myself has fallen in love with a car

    At least it is small

    I stumbled upon this car in a design magazine and fell in love with it

    Designed by the guy who did the Mini and given a nod of approval by a Ferrari person of importance


    Bring it to the United States please



    It’s rumored to be coming to the US… but when is anybody’s guess.

    If you can’t wait, find yourself a well maintained example of the original:


    I like it



    very cute, the pictures on the website make them look like micro machines. :D


    Saw the 500 on Top Gear. Very cute little car.



    Top Gear… good stuff.


    and the special edition Abarth

    Oh my


    Rail system or not, I would have to have a Fiat 500



    I have a friend who is dying for this car to come here. He talks like he might trade in his GTI for it when it gets here.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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