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Are Ohio Public Employees Over-compensated?

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    The thing that struck me most about that Dispatch’s companion article that tries to quantify the dollars that might be saved is the passing mention made that once benefits are modified (reduced), there’s every reason to expect that pay will be negotiated higher as a result.

    Until someone does the research to show what the cost comparison would be if every public employee were paid the same and had similar benefits as comparable private sector employees, all these numerical conclusions feel political rather than useful to me.



    Bear wrote >>
    I suspect the amount of complaining about public-sector jobs is a pretty simple function of the gap between these two lines.

    One might also complain about the slope of the “public sector” graph. Would be interesting to see how that overlays with population growth.


    Jim Lauwers

    oh graphs whose Y-axis don’t start at zero…. the rebellious teenagers of graphs.

Viewing 3 posts - 361 through 363 (of 363 total)

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