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    I’m relocating to Columbus at the end of May/beginning of June. My finance will be attending OSU for his doctorate so we would like to be near campus, but not right up with all the undergrads :0) Looking at Victorian Village and the other common areas. I’m having an issue searching because it seems most leases start July 1 or September 1 since OSU is on the quarter system. Anyone know of some good resources that have reasonably priced 2 bedroom apartments not necessarily on a student-rental time line? (And yes, I’ve checked Metro Rentals.) Thanks!



    What’s your price range?
    I’m moving out of my house around that time period. It’s a two story house on dennison avenue and very close to campus. It has two bedrooms, one and a half baths, a den, two car garage and fenced in yard. The house is a great size and the landlord has always been great. This was my third year. I’m currently paying $1500 and can’t imagine him raising that when he goes to market it.



    I found my current place on metro rentals.

    Vic Village/Harrison West area is the best place to live for an OSU grad student IMO.. nice area, not campus, easy bus ride up Neil so your fiance won’t have to pay for gas and parking passes. Grandview would probably be a good place to look too if you can’t find anything in your price range elsewhere.



    My neighbors just moved out in Italian Village and the other half of the duplex is for rent. The neighborhood is very quiet and only about a 20 minute walk to campus and 5 minute bus ride. The rent is $750 a month for two bedrooms, two bath and a pretty nice sized back yard.


    Olde Towne East would also be another good place to look too – although you would need a car and or a bike to get up to the campus…It is not with in walking distance, but some great apartment values, nice yards, garages, spaces and quiet streets with a lot of character…you just need to be selective about the streets and good luck in your search!



    Ohh I love Columbus already. So helpful! Thanks everyone!


    I would recommend checking –

    http://www.krg1.com/property-management/search.dT They are my old landlord and were always pretty easy to deal with.

    Grandview is close to campus and nice. Harrison West as well, would be another area to check that is just south of campus. Clintonville, north of campus.



    Thank you thank you thank you!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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