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Anyone use Home Depot/Lowes for carpet installation?

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Anyone use Home Depot/Lowes for carpet installation?

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    I am hoping that they do a good job as I want to use gas cards to pay for it. Anyone use them for carpet? Anyone use them for any install of anything like flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc?



    My mom used Lowes a few years back for some ceramic tile and carpet. Lowes subcontracts out their work. Long story short my mom ended up having to take lowes and the contractor to court over a year for some dam carpet. I do not advise using Lowes I personally have used Home depot for carpet and the installation was quick but after a few years, the carpet started bunching down the middle because it was not stretched tight enough. I am sure there are people with nothing but good things to say but it really just depends of the random dude you get that does the work.


    ^ I don’t think it’s uncommon to have carpet re-stretched over time.



    Installing carpet isn’t rocket surgery, but there are shortcuts contractors can take to make the installation quicker and cheaper, which will result in poor quality down the road. Like misskitty said, home deport and lowes contracts out their installation services and provides you with the most competitive quote – which means the contractor could be different each time and is most likely competitive because home depot and lowes doesn’t put much emphasis on the quality control specifications of the installation.

    There are two components to the material part of carpeting – the carpet pad and the carpet itself. Buying the carpet is mostly aesthetic, with consideration to durability and stain resistance as well as comfort. The carpet pad plays a role in how long the carpet lasts, as well as comfort. A high quality carpet pad won’t play as much a role in comfort as it does with increasing the life of your carpet. The carpet pad is supposed to absorb the impact from walking on the floor, instead of the carpet, which helps the carpet stay together longer. A nice cheap way contractors can lower the cost of the installation is using really cheap carpet pad. The installation will still look nice, but a couple years later you will definitely see the wear on the carpet.

    Another way they can cut costs is making the installation quicker. This means they may not glue down seams, use binder bars where needed, or stretch the carpet appropriately, which will result in carpet wrinkling and bunching.

    If you use home depot, then make sure they are using quality carpet padding. A good carpet pad will be 1/2″ with a moisture barrier to prevent mold growth and deterioration. Also make sure their process for installation involves proper stretching, proper binder bar use, proper adhesives where needed and transitions to other floors.

    You could also just buy the carpet from them and have it installed by someone else, which may or may not be the installer home depot or lowes would contract out. You would probably get the same if not better deal from an independent flooring installer. Smaller companies are the best, even if they are a little more expensive, because they will stand behind their installation, whereas Home Depot or Lowes would stand behind their lawyers – you won’t be able to go after who they contract out to because you paid Home Depot directly.



    I used Lowes 13 months ago to install laminate flooring in my kitchen. Keep in mind that Lowes contracts their projects out.

    – Contractors did not show up twice. They claimed they kept calling me, but I had no record in my phone showing they ever phoned me. This was a waste of my time, which I had to take off from work.
    – Contractors had to come a total of 4 times to install flooring in a small galley kitchen. I was told it would take only four hours of time, but they kept forgetting supplies, etc. Sales person at Lowes did not make sure that initial order contained all of the supplies.
    – I did not like that the contract office at Lowes was only open on weekdays and closed by 4pm. I had to take off work to go sign the contract on a weekday.

    + The Lowes salespeople were wonderful and made sure the contractors followed through, and that I was happy with my final product, which I was.
    +I also got a 50% refund (of $250) due to the contractors not following through with their work and not showing up.

    If you have a flexible schedule and want to ensure that you receive a good product in the end, it might be worthwhile. It is hard to find a good contractor who won’t whimp out on you with the project half-done. Then again, it was a hassle…….


    Today’s research brought up some interesting data. Online, Lowe’s gets bashed a great deal regardless of who installed the carpet, leading me to believe they dont value their subs. I asked for the names of the subs for them when I went in to discuss this and they gave me two names that I cannot verify exist. Home Depot was not bashed as much as well as I was able to find the sub they used online to mostly favorable reviews. At least they exist for goodness sakes. Tomorrow the local guy who did a seperate property for us comes over.



    I had Lowes install some carpet about a year ago, and I didn’t have any issues. The installers weren’t the friendliest, nor did they sweep up all of their mess, but it was pretty reasonably priced and the work seemed okay. I generally would go with a local company, but I happened to have a sizable gift card from Lowes.

    If you have any problems or feel the work is sub-par, just refuse to sign off at the end of installation and contact Lowes/Home Depot that same day.



    Used both for carpet and Lowes for windows and exterior doors. First round with Hd, the carpet was lost somewhere between the warehouse and my house, so we had to walk on wood floors and avoid tack strips for about 6 weeks while the replacement was ordered. They did offer to come lay temporary carpet, but I declined. In the end, they mailed me a check for $500 if I remember correctly on about $2200 worth of carpet. It’s been 10 years and still looks good.

    We used Lowes for carpet, windows and doors, basically to avoid having a salesman sit in my kitchen and give me a hard sell on any of them. No problems with the windows or carpet. The installers for the doors didn’t adjust the slider correctly, but it was an easy adjustment for me once I saw it.

    We ended up not using either for countertops. Nobody at Lowes seemed to know how to price the stone we wanted. They send you out to Plain City to look at it, the people are real helpful, but they refer you back to the store for pricing. At the store, they couldn’t get a price for me because the stone was not one of their stock items, although they own Granite Works. Ended up at Distinctive Marble and Granite in Powell, found a stone, took in my approximate measures and they gave me a price, a couple weeks later it was done.



    I used Lowes when I lived in Fort Wayne. Carpet took forever to arrive, the laminate for the foyer I picked up… installation was not good for either. Seams were able to seen in the carpet.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    We used Lowe’s to install a storm door. I would not recommend them.



    Just last week I had carpet installed by Evan’s Carpet Junkyard. They were recommended by my Realtor. They did a good job, used good materials, and the price was low. They showed up when they said they would +/- 1 hour. Which sounds a lot better to me after reading all these Lowes/Home Depot stories!

    They are located on the West side on Hague. I’d recommend them. You’ll probably save more with them then you’d benefit from the gas card thing.



    I’ve found that inviting Lowe’s into your home is generally inviting disaster.
    I used Evans Carpet Junkyard on Hague the last time I got carpet and I can’t say enough good things about the price or the installation. And they were really nice. Go local.



    Another plug for Evans – I forget about those folks, but I know a few people in my neighborhood that have used them, and have nothing but good things to say. They’ll also make great area rugs (they edge bind), if anyone needs one.



    +1 on Evans. No experience with lowe’s, but I have an excellent independent installer who isn’t associated with Evans if you already have the carpet or are set on lowe’s carpet but want to skip their installation.



    Another big +1 on Evans… Especially if you’re not carpeting a huge area. They have a huge selection of remnants. We were able to carpet our entire basement with remnant. Including installation it was far cheaper than Lowes/HD and better quality carpet.

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