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Anyone know of any personal shoppers in town?

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    I have been thinking about starting a personal shopper service for the CBus area. I have looked online, but haven’t found anyone else doing it (although I’m sure there are others). I thought about this, considering how much I hate to go to Meijer, and pretty much every other grocery store. I figure, if I hate it this much, there have to be others that:

    1. Hate it as much as I do

    2. Still need groceries

    3. Would pay to not have to spend the time or headache of going to the store

    So, here are some questions.

    1. Would any of you use this type of service?

    2. How much would you pay for this type of service? I have an idea of what I think it should cost, but looking for your input.

    3. What other types of services do you think could be included with this?

    Thanks up front for the help.


    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    I could see myself using it after having a baby. Or other major surgery.

    Also, I was thinking the other day, how nice it would be when I returned from a vacation – two days, a weekend, a week, whatever – if I could return to a nicely stocked fridge. I think that would be a good service! You could also water peoples’ plants, check mail/packages, stuff like that, maybe even move their car around if they had on-street parking and would be gone more than the 72 legal hours.



    I know of people who do this but they also do other tasks for people too–such as driving them or their kids to functions, errands, etc.



    When I was younger and a babysitter, I would take the kids out to movies, then go grocery shopping; basically wear the kids out all day so that the mom could have an entire day of peace and quiet in the house alone, and then when I brought the kids home she could put them to bed while I put all the groceries away.

    I also used to do laundry and light housework when babysitting older kids who would go outside and play all day.

    But what to charge these days? I might think of charging a percentage of whatever was purchased, plus a small hourly rate and gas reimbursement.

    If the errand was small, you could charge a flat fee – say $20 to bring someone their morning coffee and doughnuts.

    For fridge restocking or something, just a % of the groceries plus a flat fee. Maybe start around 3-5% of the grocery bill?


    Andrew Hall

    I would use a service like this for some very specific purposes.

    The main one would be gettings items like paper towel rolls, toilet paper, detergent, jugs of water and other bulky items. Especially spring-summer-fall, I end up using the car only for those items.



    8 or 10 years ago, Kroger offered the Peapod service and I used it all the time.

    No longer in Ohio though, which sucks.


    Andrew Hall

    Coremodels wrote 8 or 10 years ago, Kroger offered the Peapod service and I used it all the time.

    No longer in Ohio though, which sucks.

    Ah, the glory days of Internet start-ups, brimming with dreams of the future.




    Coremodels wrote 8 or 10 years ago, Kroger offered the Peapod service and I used it all the time.

    No longer in Ohio though, which sucks.

    its a shame peapod does not work in columbus anymore

    It was cheap like 10 bucks thats hard to compeat with. But since it is gone ;)



    I think it could be a viable business even though I would never use it.



    I was actually thinking of doing a business similar to this also.

    Personal shopping but for Gifts and home decor only. I also have not found anyone else online that is providing these types of services.

    I think a big part of Personal shopping would be providing transport. I think there is a large market for gifts and for elderly who need to help with shopping who don’t want to go to a retirement home.

    My thoughts were if you were making it with transportation to charge a flat driving fee and then hourly for like groceries.

    If you are doing it by item you can make is a percentage of the total items plus an flat delivery fee.

    If you would like to brainstorm together feel free to Message me.



    I’m having a lot of work done to my place but I work during the week.

    I would pay to have someone just sit in the house, watch the contractors, let them in and out etc.

    I just got a new 52″ Philips LCD TV with cable.

    Anyone want to sit in my place and watch TV Tuesday?



    I think with all of the recent talk on here of a lack of shopping options on the west end….

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