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Anyone know of a cloth diaper service?

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    i usually did a quick spin/rinse and a wash. my first two were allergic to everything so we did a double rinse. i didn’t notice any increase in water bills.
    most daycares make you use disposables there.

    i think diaper services have to do more cleaning because you are getting diapers that were one someone else’s bum.


    geigondis wrote >>
    I was thinking about the water usage/energy usage of washing your own cloth diapers versus diaper service. Seems like the diaper service people would have super efficient machines that do more with less water and energy since they can fit more in at once? If you are washing at home, do you have to run them through more than one cycle? How much have your energy bills and water bills gone up per month? Thanks for the help!

    No, it doesn’t increase water use terribly – especially when you weigh it against the water & energy used to manufacture, transport, and dispose of Pampers time and again. I think it equates to about one extra load of laundry every week. We’re line-drying our diapers to keep the energy use down on the dryer.


    It turns out I’ve jumped the gun on these. I was way over-zealous in my recommendation of Fuzzi Bunz :-/ (surprise). It turns out that the shells are made from a material called PUL, which is synthetic and not biodegradable. Here is some good info on it. I’ve decided just to go with the old cotton diapers and wool covers. It’s much cheaper, actually natural, and environmentally friendlier. Thanks again for all of the advice.


    OK, I just have to plug a newly discovered and incredibly cool local business.

    Cover your Clovers[/url] is owned by a mom, operated in Clintonville, and offers different kinds of natural, organic, and effective cloth diapers. I’ve tried a lot of systems and this one is by far my favorite! Their “factory” is a super clean, well-lit room off Indianola where workers are obviously treated well (I checked it out in person). They are sold primarily online, and I like them quite a bit. Organic, ethical, effective, cute, “green”- everything I’ve been looking for.

    You’d think I work for them, right? I don’t. I just really like the company.



    Just wanted to let you all know of a newborn rental program that is available from an Ohio retailer. Nell’s Natural Baby has several rental options for the newborn months. You get 24 diapers to keep for 3 months & send them back at the end. There is also a Cloth Diaper Trial Pack for those of you who are new to cloth diapering! We LOVE cloth diapers!


    Robin Wilds

    New Cloth diaper service in columbus ohio. . DIAPER DUTY

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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