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Any recommendable bicycle shops?

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    I’ve got a friend who’s looking for a bike she can ride around town, on the paved paths by the Olentangy. Not really a mountain or trail bike. Not looking to spend more than a couple hundred, but something better than Wal-Mart.

    Any suggestions?



    I recommend one of these :)

    Bikes for Sale



    soulwookie1 wrote >>
    I’ve got a friend who’s looking for a bike she can ride around town, on the paved paths by the Olentangy. Not really a mountain or trail bike. Not looking to spend more than a couple hundred, but something better than Wal-Mart.
    Any suggestions?

    Third Hand is probably your best bet for widest selection at the price. Franklinton Cycleworks might have something as well but I know they are undergoing some transition while they get a new shop setup. Both shops will have pretty knowledgeable volunteers to steer her in the right direction and all of the bikes sold by both will be tuned prior to sale. A safer first purchase than Craigslist and she would be supporting local bike programs.

    If she wants to up the budget to around $350-400, some of the local shops may have a new bike that would work. I highly recommend B1 on Long Street downtown. Casey and his staff are excellent and are almost always my shop of choice. Paradise Garage and Cyclist Connection are others I have used and have had good experiences with.

    You might also post the question on Yay Bikes!


    If you and your friend know a little bit about bike maintenance and do some research on brands/types/construction materials online, the best bet is craigslist. I have bought and sold all of my bikes via craigslist with much success. The same is true with Third-hand and used stores; It takes knowledge and patience to find a gem. If she’s looking for something right away that won’t require any repair or fixing up, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you’d like to pm me with further information about her height, budget, and preferences, I’d be happy to keep her in mind and notify you when I come across something suitable. I scour the CL bike pages daily.

    Paradise Garage carries a brand called SE, which are what I refer to as the “Ford Focuses” of the bike world. They’re inexpensive, simple, zippy, and utilitarian. They’ll serve her well schlepping around on the bike path and around town.

    B1 is a great shop indeed, but have stock on the higher end of the quality scale. They are quite knowledgeable and friendly, though, so if you decide to go with a used bike that needs some work, go there for repairs, maintenance, and accessories.

    In general, I’d steer clear of brand-driven stores (Trek, bikesource, etc.), shops like HandyBikes and Once Ridden, or resale shops like Retagit (who are notorious for often overpriced or stolen merchandise).



    At this point I’m going to say avoid Baer Wheels & go for Craigslist.

    I just passed the three month marker for bringing in a hub & paying a deposit of $100 for a wheel build. In the past month, I’ve gone in twice and asked and they both times they said it would be ready by the end of the week.

    At this point, the season for that wheel is over and I’m just treating it as an experiment now to see how long it takes them.



    Only issue with criagslist is you need to look for the right bike.

    first go to a lbs (local bike shop) and know your frame size. Then make sure the used name brand bike[/u]* shifts correctly, brakes correctly and there is no ‘play’ in the wheels. It is important that you take someone with you who knows something about bikes.

    For someone just getting back into cycling on the cheap without some guardian bike angel I would look into 3rd hand. I would stay away from shady places like Retagit (known for reselling stolen merchandise)….

    Do not buy any bike which shows signs of rust or being left out in the elements!!!!!! (you wouldn’t buy rotting fruit no matter how cheap).

    * we are not talking murray, magna, huffy, newer schwinn, next, pacific, most mongoose sadly even the newer cannondales are questionable (bought out by pacific cycle)…



    1 vote for Paridise Garage



    My votes for new bikes go to PG for casual riding and commuter bikes. B1 for performance bikes and gear and more involved shopwork (like wheel building).

    Third hand is probably your best bet for used (CL is a crapshoot unless you know bikes well enough to know what you’re getting).

    Oh, and a big FU to Baer. I know guys that swear by them (they do have good high end accessories and bike selection), but they will happily take your money and then forget to call you when they said they would, etc.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    i like B1, but the only issue I had was that they added service (new cables) to my bike during a tune-up without calling to ask if it would be okeh with me. The owner seemed rather peeved at the employeecthat didnt call.



    My experience with Baer a few years ago also left a bad taste in my mouth. Bad customer service — the gentleman working acted like I was wasting his time when I stopped in to see if they had finished the tune-up of my bike.



    another minus 1 on Baer.



    Huh. I took a badly neglected bike to Baer for a tune up and couple of new tires, and they had it done when they said they would for the price they quoted. Plus, they were nice to me about how embarrassed I was by the condition of the bike.



    RE: frame sizing

    :roll offers bike frame sizing free, regardless of purchase. They do they laser fit and can offer some assistance on what you need to look for. They’ll even adjust the bike for you.



    B1 is an awesome shop, they’ll get you going and are great to work with and talk to.

    if you want used and don’t want to CL, try Once Ridden for selection http://www.yelp.com/biz/once-ridden-bikes-columbus



    I want to at least make a shoutout to Strader’s on Riverside. They’re some of the nicest folks, and are always super helpful. I’ve bought 2 bikes from them since moving to Columbus, and have been more than satisfied.

    Please just whatever you do, don’t go Handy Bikes. I’ve had nothing but problems with them. I asked them to take a quick once over on my bike and check some braking issues. They tightened one bolt and I was charged $15 for about 3 minutes worth of work. It was partially my fault for not checking things out well enough myself, but I felt preyed upon.

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