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The Best Android Apps

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    So I finally picked up a DroidIncredible2 last week, and now I’m looking for tips. Anything I should know about getting more out of my first Android? Any must-have apps that I need to know about? Not obvious things like urban spoon or face-tweet-things or shit like that, but more along the lines of a hipsamatic for Droid, or something to make and control folders of my pix, better phone management tools, that kinda stuff. Don’t really care about the whole angry-plant-ninja-zombie-fruit games, I just wanna flesh out my device more…

    (and yes I already grabbed the dolphin browser and Swype)

    Any info?



    Google your phone and figure out how to get rid of some of the startup programs that you don’t need at start up they only slow the computer down. Then figure out how to over clock your specific phone and it will be blazing fast.



    Google translate is pretty cool app if you like to travel interested in learning other languages



    Hey I wrote an app called Edgy, which is really great if you do complex systems, networks, or the like (it’s a niche!)

    Outside of that though, I can recommend the Barcode Scanner, Twitter, Google Plus, Goggles, Google Sky Map, Earth, Heavens Above, NPR News, an gStrings — a guitar tuner.

    I’m a seasoned veteran, so I run CyanogenMod as the OS, and have various development tools that I would recommend– adbWireless, Rom Mananger, andOSC, TouchOSC, TUIOdroid, Wireless Tether, Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) and Python for Android, the XDA Developers forum application…

    And then I’m again a seasoned nerd, so , make sure to get the Terminal Emulator (and make sure you get BusyBox GNU tools like bash, ssh, etc), the Frodo C64 Emulator, Ham Radio stuff like EchoLink, and a program called “Ham”… and then some of the best development can happen with Processing, and openFrameworks.



    I make and use lists a lot in my Gmail so I use Google Tasks Lite quite on the phone, it syncs up nicely and has a good interface; Google listen if you like podcasts and such; the Marvel Comics app…need I say more; Shazam isa great app when you’re out and about and a song is playing and you have no idea who the artist is or the name of the song, it finds it for you.

    Otherwise, its really about you and what info you need at your fingertips. I do most of the grocery/household shopping so I’ve got store apps (Target; Kroger etc.,) but I also like to crochet so I’ve a yarn app that lets me record my projects so I know how much yarn to buy; and as a booze hound I’ve got a wine app that lets me scan in the barcode of wines I’ve tried and record tasting notes and that kind of thing.



    maveric1 said:
    Google translate is pretty cool app if you like to travel interested in learning other languages

    I installed Translate before our trip to Paris thinking the app would help us with out daily interactions, when we arrive we discovered Paris is a virtual wi-fi deadzone (for both my Android and @geedeck’s iPhone) and were never able to use it as intended.



    Retro Camera
    Flixster Movie App
    Astro File Management (folders, etc.)
    Astrid Tasks
    Read It Later


    Jim Lauwers

    Lifehacker has a pretty decent series on Android apps; here’s their ”best of the best” list for 2001.

    Apps they didn’t mention, which I’ve gotten my $0 use out of: Chordbot, ES File Explorer, HexDefense, Overlook Fing, Perfect Viewer, Photoshop Express, Pixlr-o-matic, Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile Express, Weather Channel, Where’s My Droid, Wifi Analyzer.



    I haven’t felt the need to do a lot with system tools. I’m fairly happy with the installed task manager, etc. The other gizmos that I use the most are:

    Pulse (an attractive news aggregator/RSS thing)

    I installed “where’s my droid?” a loss/theft tracker deal, but I haven’t played with it yet.


    Andrew Hall

    I used Paper Camera for goofy photo effects.

    Newsrob is a fantastic RSS reader which syncs with Google reader.




    So I’ve had my incredible2 for just over a month now, and I’m finally getting used to just how awesome Android is. I’ve been using slacker this whole time for music in the car, but I finally dumped a shit-load of music on it last night. The stock HTC player is better than I expected, but I’m sure there’s better. I downloaded doubletwist just to easily move iTunes playlists over to the phone, then started fucking about with cubed3 just for the pretty interface, but it seems to fuck with my locking screen. I know poweramp is the juggernaut of them, but I’m loathe to pay 5 buxx when I know there’s so many awesome free ones.

    What do you use?



    Analogue Kid

    I don’t (yet) have an Android phone, but I already use Google Music and it’s associated app looks pretty cool.

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