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All about "Yesterday's Top Secrets" on WCRS

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    Songs from the Sixties, and later music that was inspired by the fun and the freedom of the Sixties. Oldies that aren’t old, because they haven’t been played to death on all the other stations, and alternative music that was simply a pleasant alternative to all of the disco that surrounded it when it first came out. Not the best-known songs of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, but rather some of the best.

    We’ve been on the air since October 2 on WCRS (98.3/102.1 FM), and our weekly featured artist pairings have included The Beatles and Buzzcocks, The Rolling Stones and The Ramones, The Beach Boys and Big Dipper, Sly and the Family Stone and the Sex Pistols, and Steely Dan and The Smiths. In January we will proudly be celebrating the music of The Mamas and the Papas and The Monochrome Set. Featured artists get two of their songs played each night instead of just one.

    New episodes of “Yesterday’s Top Secrets” are aired from 8 to 9 on Thursday and Friday nights, and older ones are rebroadcast during that same time slot on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The station’s website is at wcrsfm.org, and hopefully online streaming as well as archived “Secrets” shows will become available on it sometime next month.

    It’s a joy hosting the show, because during the ’80s I was heavily involved with our city’s music scene, and now I have a way of becoming involved with it again that I had never done before. From April, 1980 to March, 1982 I published fifteen “books” of a fanzine known as The Offense, which were followed by eighty-six issues of The Offense Newsletter from August, 1982 to July, 1989. The first Offense was completely handwritten and sloppily put together, but by Book Eight its looks had improved, circulation had increased to 1,000, and four distributors had come aboard, which helped the publication to become nationally and internationally known. Each issue included interviews, record reviews, scene reports, and unusual letters to the editor. Anyone could contribute to The Offense, and many did.

    When The Offense Newsletter later emerged it included no advertising, and outside Columbus it was available on a subscription-only basis. It was much thinner than the books but published more often — the first 20 issues came out during a 26-week period. Their frequency slowed as I began promoting concerts, helping to bring into Columbus many bands that were on the 4AD label (Cocteau Twins, Pixies twice, Throwing Muses twice, The Wolfgang Press twice, Xmal Deutschland, Xymox) and many that weren’t (American Music Club three times, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds three times, Crime and the City Solution twice, The Embarrassment, The Fall twice, Section 25). With this evolution I came full circle, as my initial involvement in the local scene had been booking alternative bands into Mr. Brown’s during the first three months of 1980. The club’s owner gave me a total of 47 nights during that period, and I filled them with 39 different groups from Columbus and other Ohio cities.

    Putting all of the issues and shows together was a real joy. The music is what fueled everything; so many bands were so great that I did a lot of work without realizing that I was doing a lot of work. Because of the music everything was nonstop excitement from beginning to end, and the Eighties became a decade filled with many special days and nights that I’ll never forget. Thanks to WCRS and “Yesterday’s Top Secrets”, the past three months have also been a lot of fun for me, and hopefully for our listeners as well. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check the show out yet, then I invite you to do so. I kind of think you’ll like it!



    This show rocks! One of the best works of art in Columbus!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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