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    redfish-bluefish said:
    must not let the glove go unanswered…

    simply and totally? OR merely and absolutely? OR plainly and positively?, ad nauseam.

    in my opinion vs your absolute, apparently. must be nice to have simple and total certainty as an umbrella.

    as far as your statement to my assessment goes; i disagree wholeheartedly with your opinion of the venue in question. :P

    I bow to your literate, humorous, and entirely correct assessment of my opinion of your opinion. Well done.



    redfish-bluefish said:
    Alana’s shouldn’t be on any top 10 list, imho.
    The reality of the experience vs how good I keep hearing it is, is stark.

    I disagree.

    redfish-bluefish said:
    People seem to fawn over it because the restaurant and Alana herself are quirky and ‘she combines flavors in new and interesting ways’; my kids match that description as well but it doesn’t mean they are one of the best chefs in this city.

    (“Fawn”? Really?) Actually, the Crave review to which I linked doesn’t say that. It says, in part,

    Alana’s touch is all over her menu, which she composes daily after shopping for the freshest and best ingredients available. See, Alana’s been flying the eat-seasonal and go-local flags as long and as vehemently as any restaurant in Columbus.

    Still, it’s her worldbeat creativity that most distinguishes her eatery. Here, handmade Thai curry pastes share menu space with Moroccan flavors, Colombian arepas, zingy African piri-piri sauces and Indian spice-kissed Ohio-raised pork and steaks.

    Vegetables are special too. They’re liable to refreshingly brighten an all-cold item menu served on a hot summer night, starring Alana’s famous locally grown tomato and peekytoe crab stack and a virtually fatless grilled tomatillo gazpacho.

    And holy bacchus if the giant globe-spanning wine list isn’t one of the best and best-priced ever printed in Ohio.

    If that’s not been your experience, I’m sorry to hear it, but it’s a reasonably fair summary of mine. And if your kids match that description as well, I’d urge you to consider putting them to work.


    My general protocol is not to publicly bash a restaurant for a bad experience. I keep that between me and the operator, at least the first time I go. How they handle it determines whether or not they get a second chance. If I give them a second chance, and it is the same problem/s, they aren’t going to get my endorsement. If they are outright jerks, I get vociferous.

    That said, since this came up here, I don’t have anything really bad to say about Alana’s, nor will I give rave reviews. I concur with what has been positively stated on the atmosphere, food and wine. Top notch.

    Unless things have changed since last I was there, perhaps 3 years ago, the menu states “Don’t ask for modifications, everything on the menu is special”. For a vegan, that smacks as unfriendly.

    While they did ultimately accommodate my family with a very delicious pumpkin risotto and salad, the server was palpably irritated and snobby and we were less than delighted. We’ve never returned. While I will give them a second chance, clearly I haven’t been in a rush to do so.

    Now Barcelona- they do service RIGHT! As does Alex’s Bistro on Reed. Great experiences at both.



    They do state no special orders:
    “everything is special… no special orders – thank you”

    They also state this on the menu:
    ” = can be made vegetarian and some vegan, just ask”



    There is no business harder than the restaurant business, particularly for independents. Alana’s isn’t perfect. I like some of the waitstaff far more than others. Alana’s creativity sometimes gets the better of her or perhaps I should say the better of the adventurous diner. And some dishes are shockingly (pun) boring. Last time I was there I ordered the “mystery dish”. It turned out to be a miserably plain and dull risotto. I find that sometimes the very strong character of the interior just clashes with my mood, while other times I feel perfectly at home there. When the weather is nice, the patio never fails to please despite the loud traffic on High St. But all in all, for creative food and great wine at great prices we are very luck to have Alana Shock and her flighty but lovable husband Kevin. Just my 2 sense.



    I like Alana’s but they are hit and miss. It’s a good place to go when feeling adventurous. The food is sometimes very good and the service always leaves more to be desired.



    BTW, I totally agree that Jon Christensen blows. The Dispatch would be better served with someone who shows a bit more diversity in his or her food appreciation. Christensen seems stuck with the Northwest side in 90% of his reviews and he rarely ventures into non-mainstream ethnic restaurants. He’s the Wonderbread of restaurant reviewers.



    we are in a wonderbread town with 90% of the D readership being wonderbread, he’s the best for that job. if you want other reviews the D put out Crave and Alive for you.

    redfish-bluefish said:
    The reality of the experience vs how good I keep hearing it is, is stark.

    i would agree with this. with all the raves I guess I was expecting to be blown away, so i guess i was let down in that respect. the quality is there, but i think some of the reviews set one up for a let down.


    lifeliberty said:

    i would agree with this. with all the raves I guess I was expecting to be blown away, so i guess i was let down in that respect. the quality is there, but i think some of the reviews set one up for a let down.

    Think RMM called this one…



    Restaurant review: Alana’s Vegetarian Fridays
    Wednesday April 4, 2012 7:45 PM
    By G.A. Benton

    This just in from the “when cliches merrily come true” department: Now I can have my cake and eat it, too. Figuratively, I mean eating meat-free meals so hearty, brash and dynamic that I’ll never feel like I’m “settling” for something in an attempt to be “virtuous” (for me that’d be a stretch anyways). Literally, I’m talking about ripping through a savory piquillo pepper and almond goat cheese cheesecake — one of many creative and globe-spanning selections from a recent Friday night special vegetarian menu at Alana’s.

    READ MORE: http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2012/04/05/restaurant-review-alanas-vegetarian-fridays.html




    Finally tried Alana’s for the first time a couple weeks ago. Did the degustation menu and it was amazing beyond words. Definitely going back as my wallet allows.



    Restaurant Review: Alana’s Food and Wine
    May 21, 2014 10:28 am – Miriam Bowers Abbott

    Somehow, Alana’s has always slipped through the cracks. Somehow, ColumbusUnderground has never published an official review of the Columbus culinary giant. Perhaps that’s because Alana’s is already so renown. People know about Alana’s. They know to expect a changing menu and carefully crafted cuisine. They know to let go of any control-freak instincts, because Alana’s is a place where the chef is definitely in charge.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/restaurant-review-alanas-food-and-wine-ma1



    The Coop to Host Pop-Up Brunches at Alana’s
    May 31, 2014 7:45 am – Ayana Wilson

    Fans of Angela Theado, who cut her chops in the kitchen of Alana’s Food & Wine, and who now serves her own amazing fare at The Coop food truck, now have another reason to rejoice. Theado and her crew will be hosting two pop-up brunches at Alana’s in the month of June.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/the-coop-to-host-pop-up-brunches-at-alanas-aw1

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)

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