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A pet peeve I have when i'm talking about EDM

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    Rocknrolloutlaws wrote EDM really isn’t my thing generally, but on occasion have made attempts to figure out how all the different styles fit together. There was some website I came across with an interactive chart/diagram with a ton of different styles, and samples of what they sound like.

    From the perspective of someone who knows little to nothing about the scene, it at least gave a better idea of some of the dominant themes.

    I can’t remember what the website was though…so lot of use this post was.




    ^^ Ishkur is rad. Crazy Canadian…



    scottlitch wrote Well, EDM (Electronic DANCE music) does all sound similar because it is for DANCING. Electronic music in general is a better way to start with your friends who don’t get it. Play some albums by electronic artists like DJ Shadow, Bjork, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Mylo, etc… and then show them RE-MIXES in a DANCE mix. It might make more sense that way. My biggest problem is people not understanding there are the albums these artists produce and then there are the mixes that are made for DJs to play in clubs… Most people don’t want to hear a 6 minute track that was made for a DJ to spin in a mix that has a 60 second intro and outro for mixing. They won’t understand that, but will more likely enjoy a song or track made for an album.

    I wanted to revive this for some people who might not like EDM so they have a better understanding of why others love it…… :lol: Last night so many people were dancing..



    I listen to EDM at work all day everyday. Also, nearly everytime I introduce it to a friend they end up downloading at least a few songs.



    edm is like musical text messaging.



    I love it so much. I seriously cannot sit still when listening to it….

    I downloaded something from Crookers…it is really good Crookers – Aguas De Parco…it will make you feel like moving!!!!



    Finally! Somebody who knows how to spell peeve.



    I think you are fighitng a losing battle if you feel the need to explain why you love something to someone who doesn’t care. I don’t particularly like electronic dance music, and have never heard the term EDM except on this site. Don’t worry if other people don’t like what you like – life’s too short.






    Tigertree wrote Itnd2ahgrewitjov



    Tigertree wrote Itnd2ahgrewitjov

    Me too. If someone says “It all sounds the same to me”, there’s no point explaining it.



    Yeah, there is no point explaining it…….

    It is a love that runs deep inside. I heard BoMA is open until 4am Sunday.. :D


    Most of what I listen to is EDM (Tiesto, DJ Venom, Technoboy, etc) or Melodic Death Metal (Soilwork, Bleed the Sky, etc) – which tends to borrow a bit from electronica as well as normal death metal. Other than that, I listen to everything but Rap, Country, and R&B.

    EDM and MDM are my favorites because there’s a certain level of primal-ness to them. EDM has the driving beats and loops you can lose yourself in, while MDM is pure honest rage. Both can really keep you motivated when working out or when cycling. Then again, deep down, I’ve always preferred the mosh pit to the dance floor. :D



    it’s god awful and gives me a headache.

    i can dance to it when i’m out. i only last for a couple of “tracks” though. i’m a really good dancer so its easy for me.

    i still like tucker even though he listens to this crap.



    I had no idea that CU started as an EDM music finder and DJ promoter website, and until I found that out at Walker’s B-day Party, this quote epitomized my feelings.

    Manatee wrote Okay. Alright. I know we have a lot of EDM fans and artists on here, and I’m not trying to offend…

    …but I really hate the graphics for most of the advertising for those events, and there’s a constant snowfall of flyers for this stuff blanketing my house, car, and inbox. And it’s always hyped like the guy just descended from Mars and has already conquered all of the other planets in the solar system, regardless of who it is. Like he can walk on water or something!!

    Like I said, not trying to be a bitch, just offering some consumer feedback!! :D It is good to dance to, but definitely not something I would ever listen to when not dancing, at least the majority of it. Funkdefy, now that is a completely new ballgame.

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