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A list of places to donate stuff

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    Pursuant to my post about the free stuff I was looking for a home for I thought I would start a post about a few places that will take gently used things that need homes. These are all places I have been and donated to.

    While I love Mid Ohio foodbank, the underdog food pantry that I espouse is NNEMAP. They don’t frown on things close to or slightly past the due date, take fresh extra garden produce no problem and will also take Kroger bags, both paper and plastic for donations. They love volunteers and are about the only place that will take you AND your kids as volunteers if you wish to involve your family.

    I called the YMCA family center about gently used craft supplies and they stated that they only wanted brand new stuff(WTF?). However I found a home for my kids leftover crans, markers, stickers and notebooks at Amethyst. Got a receipt for donation too.
    ADDN: diaper donations are heavily needed at the YMCA family center.

    Hate Styrofoam takeout containers? Me too. Holy Family food pantry will take them and any clean thing with a lid so that folks can take any extra food home for family, friends or back to the campsite if need be. Take cleaned takeout containers from the landfill to the food kitchen cafeteria, when facing the food line there is a table to the right that has a space to place your donations. Now if you cannot finish your meal, you have a home for the container.

    Do you have a lady in your life(or three like me that like Bath and Body works too much), or are you a metrosexual with way too much stuff? Hotel soaps, lotion, gently used shampoo, perfume, nail polish and the like will be graciously accepted at Rebecca’s Place. You can keep going south towards Driving Park and hit Tooties chicken and waffles when you are done donating as well. Win-Win.
    ADDN: this is undergoing changes at this time to include men as well, research first.

    If I find more stuff I will post. I will also pick up any donations that anyone wants to keep and drop them off, I do NNEMAP and Holy Family every month or two at least. PM me.


    Alex Silbajoris

    I have three boxes of my late mother’s insulin syringes and I can’t find a good home for them.


    Honestly, ask your vet. I have clients bring in old meds from their pets and we rehome as much as we can. It used to be cheap to treat Diabetes and now it is through the roof. No copay for your pets.


    Alex Silbajoris

    OK there are a few vets near here.

    I need to find a home for fabrics.

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    This is a great list and thanks for posting. Favorited for future reference!




    This is were I take things, new and old, and occasionally volunteer. They will take pretty much anything and you can pull in the alley behind back to drop it off.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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