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7.31.10 Saturday/ DJ Irene and Christopher Lawrence @ BoMA

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    tix avail @ http://www.groovetickets.com
    This will definitely be a very fun summer Saturday Night!!!!!
    Many people do forget BoMA has a great patio!!!









    AM Only, Disco, Insomniac, Super Good, Quality, and Squared present:



    Christopher Lawrence
    DJ Irene
    Jason “Lemon” Lyman

    Voted the #4 DJ in the World by DJ Magazine’s prestigious ‘Top 100’ poll for 2006, Christopher Lawrence is recognized worldwide as one of the World’s top DJs and producers. Dubbed “A Superstar DJ” by the US’s URB and “One Of The Most Popular DJs On The Global Circuit” by DJ Magazine, Christopher Lawrence is one of the biggest, most respected and popular names in dance music today. Once an outsider in a world dominated by European and UK DJs, Christopher has risen to the top of the international dance music heap. He is now considered one of the key global players and America’s leading dance music export, playing his tough techno trance sets main stage at the world’s biggest festivals and superclubs.

    Over the past few years, Christopher has received numerous awards and accolades. Winner of “Best American DJ” at the IDMA’s, Christopher is also a recent recipient of the “Best DJ” at both the Dancestar US Awards and Los Angeles Music Awards. Christopher has additionally been nominated in Dancestar UK Awards, DJ Awards, International Trance Awards, Global DJ Mix Awards and IDMA’s to name a few. Christopher has also graced the covers of countless magazines, newspapers and publications worldwide.

    Described as the “Biggest DJ in the USA” by the BBC’s Radio 1, Christopher clocks up over a quarter of a million frequent flyer miles a year and a list of international events too long to mention. In the past year alone, Christopher has toured China, United Kingdom, Mexico, Ibiza, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Japan, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Colombia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Russia, El Salvador, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Slovenia, Panama, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Thailand, Guatemala, and Canada. One need look no further than the top international clubs and dance festivals to find Christopher’s name.

    Meanwhile, back in the US, Christopher continues to be one of the countries most sought after DJs, headlining high profile events from San Francisco’s Love Fest and Sony’s ‘Playstation 2 Tour’ to Arnold Schwazzeneger’s ‘Terminator III’ party. He has played the famed Coachella festival more than any other DJ, and was also the only US DJ invited to headline all three of the inaugural Ministry Of Sound, Cream and Gatecrasher tours of America.

    Described as “A Highly Respected Producer” by Mixmag, Christopher won a preliminary Grammy nomination in 2002. With a discography of groundbreaking tracks, Christopher’s notable releases ‘Attention’, ‘Scorcher’, ‘Shredder’, ‘Renegade’, ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Cruise Control’, ‘October’s Child’ and bootleg remixes such as ‘Batman Begins’ have been hammered by DJs from Paul van Dyk and Tiesto to Paul Oakenfold.

    This past several years have been Christopher’s biggest to date on both the DJ and production front, following the release of two artist albums. His debut album ‘All Or Nothing’ and the follow up, ‘Un-Hooked’, a retrospective of Christopher’s work for Hook Recordings, both topped the iTunes dance charts and met with widespread chart and critical acclaim from the worlds toughest critics from Rolling Stone to the Washington Post. Christopher’s music has soundtracked everything from TV shows such as MTV’s ‘Real World’, to Matchbox Car DVDs to computer games including ‘Need for Speed 2’ – bringing an entirely new audience to Christopher.

    Always pushing the limits, Christopher gained attention with the release of his new website, which was nominated in the “Best Music Website” category of both the SXSW and the Webby Awards, which are considered the Academy Awards of web design. Designed by the groundbreaking and award winning 2Advanced, Christopher’s website became a benchmark in the DJ. Check it out at http://www.christopherlawrence.com/

    In the late nineties, Christopher established himself as one of the US’s biggest selling DJs selling over a quarter of a million mix CDs following a string of record breaking releases including ‘Rise’, ‘Temptation’, ‘United States of Trance’ and ‘Around The World’. Christopher’s most recent mix ‘Subculture’ was described by Jive Magazine as “The Best Trance Album of the Year!”, reiterating the fact that Christopher continues to be one of the World’s most evolving and respected DJs.
    After lengthy delays, Christopher’s label Pharmacy Electronic Music will be officially launched in late 2007.

    On the big screen, Christopher has appeared in ‘Midsummernight’s Rave’, as well the documentaries ‘Liquid Vinyl’, ‘Intellect’, ‘Put The Needle On The Record’, ‘World Party On Tour’ and ‘American Massive’ to name a few. A music video for Christopher’s single, Freefall, shot at California’s Electric Daisy Carnival has also been featured on television around the world.

    In the world of international dance culture, there are DJs who are leaders and those who are followers. Christopher Lawrence is a true leader.

    The dance music world is a world of escapism. People come out to dance to forget the life dramas that wear on their souls or to be a little more glamorous than they are during the day. The DJs who are loved the most are those that provide moments of beauty, clarity, inspiration and hope that everything will be alright and beautiful. This is why DJ Irene is America’s most loved DJ. DJ Irene has seen drama, has fought chemical and personal demons, has lived without a home, has seen the power of escaping her reality and did it with flair. About life’s challenges she says, “All I can say about getting through the b.s life gives you, is you gotta be fearless. It is your life, why be afraid? If you screw up and live, you will still be here, and you will still be the only one who has to do anything about it.” She is a survivor, a character with an off-the-beaten-path lifestyle that has surpassed all obstacles and helped create the new American Dream for the next generation.

    The cult of DJ Irene began at Hollywood’s mega club Arena. Here, her DJ and life dramas played out through her mixing and publicly on the dance floor. This only made people love her more and helped her to see how she could give back by leading a positive life with the music. She says, “At one point I realized that I am not just playing records to the same people every weekend. These people care about me, more than I care for myself. I knew I had to make them proud by being proud of myself, by taking care of myself, by being the best.”

    The best for DJs is selling more mix CDs than any other DJ in her genre, it is non-stop touring at every major music festival and at the best clubs around the world, it is having pop culture and rock journalists queuing to get interviews, it is being the DJ whom some DJs fear having to play after and being the DJ that younger DJs want to be. This is DJ Irene. When the rest of the world realized the allure of the cult of the DJ all DJ Irene had to do was say “Here I am, kiss my ass, I’m one bad ass bitch that can mix!!!”

    Oh what? Another girl DJ. Not in this case. She doesn’t go topless, doesn’t smile coquettishly or Seductively for the camera, she didn’t just start mixing 3-5 yrs. ago when it became cool. DJ Irene is DJ culture in all its brazen, globetrotting, mythic womanizing, beat banging, trend raising and trend killing glory. With her signature laugh she is RockStar Royalty, daring all who challenged her to step up. “Yeah great, there are lots of girl DJs, so what? I was a girl DJ too, now I’m a the King , I am the Queen, I am the DJ Diva, lets see how many of them can hang like me. Let’s see.”

    If you consider yourself knowledgeable about the DJ world but haven’t seen DJ Irene yet then you haven’t seen one of the most entertaining and engaging DJs in the biz. Find out where she will be at next and don’t let nothing stop you from getting there. Be fearless, like her.

    Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Jason “Lemon” Lyman is one of the top house DJ’s in the midwest with over a decade and a half of experience on the decks. In 2004 he formed Quality along side Doug Black and Jeff Pons to bring House music to Columbus, Ohio.

    A veteran Dj of over 10 years. Aus10 has played raves, parties and club across the U.S. and opened for some of the biggest names in the business.

    http://groovetickets.com (Keyword: BoMA)

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