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614 Magazine VS Restaurant Week

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    hello columbus underground. wanted to share this info with all yall.




    That’s a dumb phrase to try to trademark. Boo 614 Magazine. Also, pursuing legal action against a group that is doing a great service to Columbus BEFORE you even publish an issue = not too smart, IMO.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Blue Jackets’ Success Could Mean ‘Perfect Storm’ In Arena District

    When the Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Los Angeles Kings Tuesday night, it kept them in sixth place in the western conference.

    As long as the team remains in the top eight, they’re in the playoffs.

    The fans are thrilled and so are the businesses in the Arena District, NBC 4‘s Marshall McPeek reported.




    The Other Paper has tits and ass hanging out all over the place. I like TOP. I’m just saying their advertisers are too trashy for my workplace.

    614 Magazine is the worst magazine I’ve never read.



    @roland, I thought you worked from home nowadays! If A&T are too trashy for your home, I’m not sure you should have any friends over…

    614 is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, the first issue looked good. Great paper stock, nice layout. But seriously, prominently featuring an ass(et) of the advisory board smacks of self-stroking. Some things I’ve heard about the editorial team (and now this Restaurant Week branding grab) make me question if they plan on producing a magazine with quality content, or an empty lifestyle brand.



    What an asshat. IMO, if the name belongs to anyone, it belongs to CORA.

    I think what he’s achieved is leaving a bad taste in my mouth about attending 614’s Restaurant Week OR ever buying his magazine.

    So looking forward to next week. :)



    @614fan – if you want the intention of linking to the story to resonant with a sliver of authenticity how about not creating a profile with the name “614Fan” and posting only one time on the site. Dopey.

    @roland – ditto. Same tired, blocky layout. Same “lifestyle” schtick. Another magazine addressing a young demo and not having a web strategy. Another magazine so impressed with the medium they’re printing on rather than the substance and efficiency of delivering their content. The cool restaurants have been written to death about here. Show us some new angles. On anything. Then of course, that wouldn’t be much ammo to get those restaurant ads. Go figure.



    shmack wrote >>
    @roland, I thought you worked from home nowadays! If A&T are too trashy for your home, I’m not sure you should have any friends over…

    I work for the church! My monitor exploded from all the scattered ass on my screen. God forgive me, and TOP too.



    so 614 apparently has a restaurant week planned that doesn’t involve Dine Originals or CORA?

    I wonder what kind of fixed price menus they’re planning at Applebee’s and Longhorn.



    The sparks that flew between Dine Originals and UMedia group seems to have cooled, as both sides say they’ve reached an amicable agreement over the branding of their separate Columbus Restaurant Week events, said DOC president Warren. “Dine Originals is going to go ahead with our original intentions and 614 is fine with that,” said Warren.

    Seems to me like kind of a non-story.



    Poor 614 Magazine, they just can’t catch a break. They seem like a creative and determined group, I’m sure they can come up with some new, original event ideas the likes of which Columbus has never seen. Like Community Festival Columbus. Or Arts Festival Columbus. Or a monthly event, Columbus Gallery Jump.



    Or a new housing development: Austrian Village or Edwardian Village or the Long South.



    I can’t stop giggling about this one line…

    “Lewis said. “What happened was they found out about our event, apparently, and decided to launch their own.”

    Just so I’m clear…

    All the locally owned restaurants in Columbus found out about 614’s restaurant week, because apparently 614 didn’t want the RESTAURANTS to KNOW about restaurant week…and the RESTAURANTS decided they would have a restaurant week, flying in the face of the rightful planners…a magazine.

    Note to 614 Magazine: Having a fixed price on Crave Cases at White Castles or 2 dollars off Hometown Buffet for a week isn’t a restaurant week. Now that you’ve threatened legal action against the 42 locally owned restaurants from Dine Originals and the President of the Central Ohio Restaurant Association, I can’t WAIT to see what you put together.



    I just got a tip on a hot property, 614magazinerestaurantweek.com



    Hmmm…apparently they have a logo but their website is a little light on details:
    To which I will add…
    LOTS of details here:

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