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3rd x northwest grandview

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    VicVillage Guy

    As of this morning the property is not in contract and is still available for purchase.



    The trophy store isn’t going anywhere. I just put in an order the other day!



    I concur with GCrites80s and A161830, trophy shop is busier than ever. You can tell by the piles of boxes full of participation trophies in the windows.



    The property is for sale ($550K asking price).

    Listed by http://metropolitanholdings.com/sale-only



    Lots of activity at Northwest and Third. Any news? Auditor’s site does not have any change in ownership…



    I think they might just be using it as a staging area for another project.



    My current theory is that they are doing some sort of remediation due to being a former auto shop and probably gas station at one point. Could have a lot of oil/gas contamination or even the old tanks still in the ground.

    However, I drive by this corner every day and have never seen any of the equipment working or anyone on the site. Anyone actually see the equipment working?


    The equipment I saw on site a week or two ago was all tree removal stuff. I am thinking they just used the spot to keep equipment briefly



    Looks like something is going to be finally built at the site. No mention of how many stories or renderings.

    From the April Board of Zoning adjustments:

    Location: 1249 WEST 3RD AVENUE (43212), located at the southeast corner of Northwest Boulevard and West 3rd Avenue

    Area Comm./Civic: 5th by Northwest Area Commission

    Existing Zoning: C-4, Commercial District

    Request: Variances(s) to Section(s):

    3356.05, C-4 district development limitations.
    To allow dwelling units above a parking garage that is not adjoining
    to one or more of the uses listed in Code Sections 3351, 3353,

    3355 or 3356.03(B).
    3372.604, Setback requirements.
    To not locate parking behind the principal building.

    3372.605, Building design standards.
    To not provide the main entry doors on either of the primary street

    3312.49, Minimum numbers of parking spaces required.
    To reduce the required number of parking spaces from 32 to 22
    spaces. (A reduction of 10 spaces.)

    Proposal: To construct a mixed use building with restaurant, retail and residential components


Viewing 9 posts - 91 through 99 (of 99 total)

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