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2015 Columbus Metro and County Population Estimates

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    At this rate, Columbus’ population will be at 900k by 2020. Barring any dramatic changes in current trends, we could very easily see 1 million people within the city proper limits before 2030.

    It will be curious to see what impact Columbus’ continued growth has on the rest of the state, and on the multi-state region in general. Columbus and Indianapolis remain the only two major Midwestern cities that have been seeing steady population growth from decade to decade. Even Chicago has stagnated and lost population in recent years, and is actually in danger now of being overtaken by Houston as the third largest US city.

    At some point, I wonder if Cleveland and Cincinnati seek to take one or more drastic measures to avoid becoming complete afterthoughts in a state where the capital has become the principal city on so many fronts and no longer merely serves as the seat of state government. As politically untenable as city-county consolidations and between-city mergers have been, Dayton being only the latest to stop a proposal dead in its tracks, I can’t help but think that both NE and SW Ohio, and perhaps Toledo/NW Ohio as well will eventually look at and finally act on these, and even more radical restructuring measures of some kind, just to stay relevant and viable as metropolitan areas, and other rust belt cities outside of Ohio like Pittsburgh and Buffalo may very well join them, or even pave the way. Declining suburbs and crumbling infrastructure will each exact huge tolls on take a huge toll on political barriers to change.

    Any other cities I can see this possibly happening, but Cincy and Cleveland? They have such poor relationships with their suburbs that I don’t see it ever happening. I think many suburban residents of those two cities would move or kill their first born children to avoid such a thing happening.

    Also with win/win in effect here and new annexations going directly to Cbus city schools, I think any new large annexations to Cbus are history. Even here, how would Dublin, New Albany, Worthington, Upper Arlington, etc respond to a city/county merger idea? lol even Lincoln Village and Blacklick Estates fought off annexation attempts by Columbus for several decades. You would be able to hear the roar of outrage for a hundred miles.



    Sheer necessity will force the issue, even in places where there has been great opposition to it. I suspect though that we may be more likely to see it first in places like NE Ohio that aren’t really growing anymore and that face a sustained crisis due infrastructural breakdown, a declining tax base and aging demographics–problems that I don’t see for Columbus/Central Ohio for quite some time.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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