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1st Annual Columbus Bike the Breweries Tour on July 20 2013

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    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    1st Annual Columbus Bike the Breweries Tour

    Local breweries unite to raise money for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.

    On July 20th, bikers will unite and tour the Columbus breweries. The tour will start at 9 a.m. at North High Brewing on the north end of the Short North and move on to eight other local breweries. Right now the schedule is as follows:

    9-930 North High Brewing – Meet by 9. A toast! Leave at 9:30 SHARP

    9:45-10:15 Fourstrings Brewing Company

    10:30-11 Zauber Brewing Company

    11:30-12 Gordon Bierch

    12:30-1 Columbus Brewing Company

    1:15-2 White Rabbit – Lunch

    2:15-2:45 Elevator Brewing Company (Production Facility)

    3-3:30 Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

    3:45-4:15 Barley’s Brewing Company on High

    4:30-5 Seventh Son Brewing

    The goal is to offer the breweries, such as Buckeye Lake Brewery, The Granville Brewing Company and Actual Brewing Company, who aren’t on the trail to be on tap at lunch at White Rabbit and join in on the bike ride. Tickets are $40 and get riders samples and a brief tour at each stop. Lunch is extra. Tickets can be purchased at North High Brewing, 1288 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201.




    Does that mean that White Rabbit will be fully open by July 20th?


    Dayum! 9:00 that’s early even for me.

    Does sounds like fun, I may have to consider this and just pace myself.



    Everyday is bike the breweries day.
    We’ve got a couple of new Belgian ales that will be fun to share. Yesterday we tapped White Dragon Jasmine Saison and it is more wonderful than I ever would have guessed.



    It says More Info at https://www.facebook.com/NorthHighBrewing but I see nothing there. Would someone create an event on that page so we can share it?

    Thank you!
    Jody at Consider Biking



    ETA: SO Sorry – Just realizing the bidding on this ended Sunday – sorry.
    Per the Facebook – this event is sold out, but there is one last way to get in.
    https://www.facebook.com/NorthHighBrewing/posts/553293028066737 (see photo)
    Hey everyone! As you know, we’ll be hosting a bike tour next weekend. You may also know that it is SOLD OUT! HOWEVER! THERE ARE TWO TICKETS AVAILABLE! HERE’S HOW YOU GET ONTO THE BIKE TOUR!!!!
    How do you like the sound of local brewery tours, bike riding, and helping out a great charity at the same time? We have an unbelievable opportunity for 2 of you to ride in the sold-out Columbus Bike the Breweries Tour on Saturday July 20. It’s to support Cystic Fibrosis, and we’re going to auction 2 tickets AND a Derringer single-speed bike over the next week to help raise additional funds for this great cause.

    The event starts at 9:00am and we will ride to 9 Columbus breweries over the course of the morning and afternoon, including a stop for lunch for a taste of our beer and others over lunch.

    Here’s what you get:

    –Two (2) tickets for the tour ride (sold-out)
    –a Derringer single-speed/fixie bike (limited bike produced by LA motorcycle builder Derringer brand…http://www.derringercycles.com/)
    –Granville Brewing will pay for your lunch

    We’re going to open the bid at $400.

    Here’s how this will work:

    Send an email to [email protected] with your name, address, phone number, and bid amount. At least every evening we will post the leading bid amount (without publishing the bidder’s info!). The highest bid received by 5:00pm Sunday July 14 will be declared the winner.

    Early next week the winning bidder will write a check directly to the charity, and that will be exchanged for the bike and tickets. We will work on logistics for the Saturday tour at that time.

    Thanks for your support of this great event. Please forward this on to biking/brewery fans even if you don’t want to bid–we want to raise as much money for this great cause as we can. Please consider making a donation even if you don’t want to ride–email us as we will get your donation to the right place.




    From The Granville Brewing Company:

    OK, change of approach for the Bike the Breweries Tour tickets…no bike as part of the auction, just the 2 tickets–now going through 8pm Thursday night. 2 tickets, auction starts at $100 for the Cystic Fibrosis charity. Please email bids at [email protected].



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    Watch Bike The Breweries online free!!!

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