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For The Record: The xx’s “I See You”

Grace Fleisher Grace Fleisher For The Record: The xx’s “I See You”
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The xx's third album exhibits enormous growth, delivers

You’re getting down and swaying across the dance floor in an elaborately lit underground club in the U.K., sweating profusely with your friends. Are you really there, or did you just throw on The xx’s new album I See You in your living room?

Let’s go with the latter.

If the London-based trio hadn’t already established themselves as the monarchs of atmospheric indie sound in years past then I See You has surely earned them that seat on the throne.

In the album’s first track Dangerous, the group captivates its listeners in its deliverance of something entirely unexpected, even far from the singles released prior to the album, On Hold and Say Something Loving.

Dangerous sets the longtime friends, Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith who formed the group in high school off on an upbeat, joyous experimental journey. It’s as if the group has left their confessional anxious days of bedroom indie behind for something brighter and smoother. The same introspective confessional lyrics are there, but the group has come to explore them in a much more playful way.

As a result, the music enters an entirely new dimension.

The album implores a gracious amount of influence from Jamie Smith’s solo project, Jamie xx. You’ve probably heard his song Loud Places, but his sounds range much deeper into deep house and dreamy sound waves you’d want to ride out into infinity.

I See You mirrors the familiar celestial sound from the lips of Croft much like group’s sophomore album Coexist released in 2012, while advancing to embrace Jamie’s sound on In Colour.

In conjunction with the release, the group has announced an extensive tour and will make their stop in Columbus at Express Live! on May 5th.

For more information visit thexx.info/home/.

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