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For Passport Needs, Skip the Post Office This Traveling Season

John Hocter John Hocter For Passport Needs, Skip the Post Office This Traveling Season
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From the joy of leaving work, worry and the everyday world behind, to the excitement of discovering new places, interesting people and unique cultures, nearly every aspect of traveling abroad offers a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

With one major exception: obtaining or renewing a passport.

A valid passport is now required for all means of international travel from the U.S. Driving to Canada? Taking a Caribbean cruise? Flying internationally? You won’t get far without one.

Many of us dread the passport process—having a photo taken ahead of time, setting an appointment (and still standing in line), stressing over complicated application details—all of which typically results in a giant hassle and an even bigger headache.

That’s not the case, however, at the Clerk of Courts’ One-Stop Passport Shop, located inside the new Franklin County courthouse in Downtown Columbus.

Instead of cramped corners and endless lines, you’ll find wide open spaces and certified passport specialists ready to help you with the process and perform a final, thorough review of your application. You also won’t need to worry about bringing a photo along, as they offer an official onsite photo service for just $10. The best part? No appointment of any kind is required; just show up with the necessary documents and you’re ready to apply.

You can also download, print and complete the application before you arrive to save even more time. (The application, as well as information on eligibility, fees and restrictions, is available at clerk.franklincountyohio.gov/passports.)

For more information, and to view the application, visit clerk.franklincountyohio.gov/passports.


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