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The Football Foodie: Pizza Edition

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Football Foodie: Pizza Edition
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In a football town like Columbus, there’re no shortages of places to catch the game.  Whether for game day on Saturdays, or NFL showings on Sundays and Monday nights, there are over 100 bars and restaurants with over 500 screens tuned to battles featuring our favorite teams.

Pizza has long been the staple food of college students, bachelors, and sports fans. Its ease of eating and endless flavor combinations make it game time gold, especially if that gold is extra cheesy. Whether you prefer thin, deep dish, or pan crusts, there’s a pie out there for every taste, tradition, and budget.

The first pizzeria was opened in Manhattan, and New York-style pizza is probably what most think of when they hear the word. But there are several other perfectly-legitimate pizza styles to be enjoyed out there; indeed, even New York-style runs the gamut from Sicilian to Neapolitan. Here are 5 great pizza parlors in Columbus with great game day renditions of America’s favorite pie:

Columbus Brewing Company

  • Number of televisions: 2
  • Buckeye Capacity: 30 seats, 50 fans
  • Patio: Yes (enclosed)
  • Continuous Game Sound: By Request
  • Game Day Special: None
  • Pizza to HaveBye Bye Miss American Pie

The Columbus Brewing Company, or CBC as it’s affectionately known to loyal Buckeyes around town, has long been a great place for craft beer and classic fare. Located at 525 Short Street, CBC is the kind of place that attracts regulars owing to the spirit of camaraderie it promotes, and the intense dedication to the home team its fans hold.

The restaurant has long concocted and served their own bodacious brews, like the Bodhi, and now, they’ve added taps from other local crafters, like Actual Brewing and Jackie O’s under their “Think Local, Drink Local” motto. This is a home for true Buckeye sports fans of all ages, sizes, and appetites, and there’s nothing quite like a good pie to satisfy the masses.

The Bye Bye Miss American Pie is a zesty combination of sausage, banana peppers, pepperoni, and smoked provolone cheese atop a wood-fired crust. The result has just enough zing to liven the palate, especially in the colder months, but is still familiar enough that everyone can enjoy.

The Bye Bye Miss American Pie serves two, or one very hungry Buckeye, and is priced at generous $12.75 considering almost all the ingredients are house-made. That is, of course, unless you come in for Pies & Pints, Monday through Thursday, where any pizza and a pint of beer is just $12.95.

It’s that time of year when every night is football night, so don’t hesitate to stop by for a great deal and an even better time. CBC opens at 11am daily.

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