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Food Truck Partnership Now Includes Delivery from The Campus Pitt Stop

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Food Truck Partnership Now Includes Delivery from The Campus Pitt Stop
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Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar owner Marquan Moorehead fancies himself a multi-faceted entrepreneur, able to navigate the tricky business of food truck ownership while still looking for the next big thing. He believes he’s found it.

“Columbus is growing, and I know my city very, very well,” Moorehead begins. “There are a lot of food trucks, so I thought there has to be a different niche [for me]… when I created this business model, I had to think outside the box”.

The model Moorehead’s referring to includes a partnership with Campus Pitt Stop to begin delivery service to the surrounding areas of both of their products. Customers will be able to call either the Pitt Stop or Stacey’s 5 Dollar, place an order for beer, wine, cigarettes, and/or Stacey’s infamous Korean/Mexican fusion fare, and it will be delivered to you in, ideally, under 30 minutes. This service will be available after 1pm every day of the week.

The Campus Pitt Stop, located at 868 W. Lane Avenue, carries a wide array of beers – domestics, imports, and crafts – wines, mixers, as well as most brands of cigarettes. Owner Bruce Taylor insists that if they don’t carry what patrons prefer, they will happily order and stock it for them. You’ll also be able to create your own six-pack from their menu, so every taste and palate can be satisfied in one order.

A venture not seen before in Columbus, Taylor, like Moorehead, sees this as the next evolution in small business ownership – a collaboration of like-minded merchants to build both interests and bring something innovative to their communities.

“Food trucking needs to be done differently here,” Moorehead imparts. “You can’t just wait to see what’s going to come; you have to make it happen”.

The next step is to grow the new food pod initiative. Moorehead has already gotten other food trucks around the city excited to be in on this project. In the near future, Dr. Mom’s Tasty Bites, Paddy Wagon, and Aromaku are slated to join the fun as the co-op expands into a full-blown outdoor cafeteria.

Expected to hold a dozen tables, Taylor is currently securing the license that allows consumption on premises. There are also plans to gut the back area of the Pitt Stop to include indoor accommodations as well, so patrons will have as many options for seating as they will for food and drink.

“We’re trying to create a centralized corner where you can come in, taste the finer things in life: beer, food, wine, whatever,” Taylor gushes. “It’ll be a central location, convenient for everyone to come in and congregate”.

Tagging in the campus area and environs will begin in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out for what’s sure to be the next big trend in street eats. To place an order, call the Campus Pitt Stop at 614-488-8866 or Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar at 614-580-7926. To follow the progress of this project, visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Staceys-5-Dollar-Hollar.

Photo via Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar.

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