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FLUX + FLOW Reopening With Dance and Movement

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire FLUX + FLOW Reopening With Dance and MovementFLUX + FLOW reopens July 1, 2020.
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“We are grateful to our core community for supporting us,” said Russell Lepley-Pelacchi, co-founder with his partner, Filippo, of FLUX + FLOW at 200 Crestview. “Also, we have made many new friends online. This is wonderful for us — and who would have thought?!”

FLUX + FLOW, a dance, yoga, and movement studio opened in 2017 at the corner of Crestview and Calumet. The studio had been doing very well, and then COVID happened, and restructuring had to take place for survival.

“We just started coming up with ideas, and we are very grateful to our supporters that we have survived to re-open,” says Lepley-Pelacchi.

“I love them!” “I did all the challenges.” “They keep me in stitches.” Are some of the comments about the Facebook live videos that FLUX + FLOW posted during the months the studio was closed. 

“We had some crazy fun,” said Lepley-Pelacchi. “We did costumes and all kinds of creative things on Facebook and asked for donations.” Some of their Facebook posts had hundreds of views. 

“The FLUX + FLOW classes give me something to look forward to every day; they really are keeping me sane,” said OSU professor and Slate advice columnist Michelle Herman. 

Now, the studio will re-open for in-person and online classes using a Zoom-like format being offered by MindBody.  “With these hybrid classes we can interact with our students, and they can have a choice of coming in or staying at home.”

Russell Lepley-Pelacchi of Flux + Flow
Choreographer Russell Lepley-Pelacchi rehearsing with the FLUX + FLOW dance project for “Inflammatory Writ” performed at the Fisher Theater. Photo by Marcus Jackson.

The FLUX + FLOW studio has special wooden tiles that “spring” the floor making it kind to a body’s joints. There will be marked areas on the floor and extra-special cleaning procedures. Class sizes will be limited and reservations must be made via MindBody.

Like many other movement studios, FLUX + FLOW has found new patrons online. “We have people from New York to California watching,” noted Lepley-Pelacchi. The Facebook videos were donation-based. With the shift to MindBody’s new video platform, there will be fees, but FLUX + FLOW is committed to making classes accessible. 

“We will find a way,” says Lepley-Pelacchi. “We are here for our community and want to thank them for their support.”

FLUX + FLOW is located at the corner of Crestview and Calumet.  Starting July 1, 2020 classes can be scheduled on MindBody. For more information, visit flux-flow.com.

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