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Flowers on Orchard Lane Opens Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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cmhindependent.blogspot.com wrote MAIN IS ALL ABLOOM

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flowers on Orchard Lane is preparing to open its new digs at 139 E. Main St. on Nov. 9. Among the plans: a drive-up window on Lazelle for call-ahead orders.

After ten years in a small shop in Clintonville, Reese is moving her shop to a much larger space Downtown. “Our whole family is urban-oriented,” she says. “We really like Downtown.”

Flowers on Orchard Lane will feature a full-blown flower boutique with a line of bridal accessories and chocolates from Pure Imagination, plus one-of-a-kind home accessories and gifts. And you can watch the flower people work their flower magic thanks to an open workspace.


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