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Florin Coffee Roasters Launches Online Retail Store

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Florin Coffee Roasters Launches Online Retail StoreFlorin Coffee co-owners Hans and Joelle Hochstedler.
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After nine years of running roasting programs at local coffee shops, Hans Hochstedler was ready to branch out on his own. Teaming up with his wife Joelle, they’ve started new wholesaling roasting company Florin Coffee.

“The goal is to not have a brick and mortar store,” Hans Hochstedler said. “The reason we’re doing that is I think we can provide a really great experience for people that are brewing our coffee and serving it … We can focus on that more than trying to keep a shop open and customers in the door.”

The dive into Florin began last month, when Hochstedler left his job at Mission Coffee. He’d worked there for four years, and developed their roasting and wholesaling programs. Before that, he was at Hemisphere Coffee Roasters in Mechanicsburg, about 45 minutes west of Columbus. It was there that he learned more about the coffee industry and the process of roasting.

As he handles the coffee roasting, Joelle Hochstedler will run the customer relations and logistic side of the business, a role she already fills at Hemisphere.

Florin Coffee launched its website last week, which is where all of their retail will be. It’ll offer a subscription service as well, putting a bag of coffee at consumers’ doors every week or two, “So you never run out of coffee.”

He’ll purchase the beans through importers he built relationships with during his time at Hemisphere and Mission. They work directly with the farmers, helping Hochstedler reach his goal of completely traceable coffee.

“I want the coffees to be as traceable as possible, so we know what farm it came from, who the grower was. If it was a co-op, we know who runs that co-op,” he said.

Florin will offer seven or eight different blends at any given time. Their featured roasts right now are the Ethiopia Kayon Mountain, with jasmine and brown sugar tasting notes; the Burundi Buziraguhindwa, with hints of raspberry and butter; and the Kenya Nyanja AB, a sweet, tropical coffee with notes of blackberry. They’re all made using a roaster the Hochstedlers are leasing until they find their own warehouse.

Florin Coffee is currently only available online, but in the next year or so they’re hoping to be in several coffee shops, offices and churches around town.

For more information, visit florincoffee.com.

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