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Florentine Restaurant Lives On Through Marinara Sauce

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Florentine Restaurant Lives On Through Marinara Sauce
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The beloved Florentine announced its unexpected departure from the local restaurant scene with a little hopeful hint. Careful readers might have noticed a mention of a possible afterlife, or second act.

Incontrovertible proof of the afterlife has now arrived. The Florentine has experienced an early resurrection in jars of Marinara. They debuted on grocery shelves this month.

This marinara is special. It’s special, not because of the Florentine connection, and not because it evokes memories of past great meals. Honestly, those with more experience at the joint will have to speak to that aspect. The specialness available in a jar of Florentine marinara is something any eater can recognize, and it starts with a cool ingredient list.

According to the label, there’s no sugar added. Now, sugar is a wonderful thing in itself, but it always feels like a cheat when it comes to tomato-based sauces. It’s a cheap and easy way to score points. The Florentine uses no sugar in its marinara, it’s based in tomatoes with the addition of carrots. The carrots do, indeed, provide a little natural, carroty sweetness, and you can see tiny flecks of them in the mix. The sauce also has the requisite onions, garlic, salt and pepper.

The end result is a substantial marinara that stands on its own. It’s pulpy like applesauce, so it clots on pasta, hugging the noodles or whatever else it might be paired with, contributing flavor that is full-bodied and flavorful.

The label says “Take home the legacy”. You can take home the legacy with a few variations too, including a Primavera version. Those who never visited the Florentine might find themselves a little wistful for an opportunity missed. Then again, perhaps this is the first of an entire product line? After all, the immortal Kahiki lives on in the frozen food section.

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