Flat Top Pizza Company Food Truck Now Serving Grilled Pizza & More

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Flat Top Pizza Company Food Truck Now Serving Grilled Pizza & MorePhotos via Flat Top Pizza.
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Columbus is a town that loves its pizza. Whether thin crust, pan tossed, or deep dish, topped with pepperoni, duck confit, or smoked clams, served by the slice or the whole pie, pizza is the food upon which we can all agree.

So, naturally, it was only a matter of time before we began demanding the next thing in pizza, and the Flat Top Pizza Company think they’ve stumbled upon it: flat-top grilled pizzas made-to-order from a food truck.

Here’s how it works: hand-stretched dough is par cooked on the flat top before service. As customers place their orders, the pizza bottoms are crisped, the toppings sautéed, then mozzarella cheese is caramelized on the griddle before being flipped onto the finished pizza.

Mike Cyan is the owner and operator of Flat Top Pizza Company. He began the venture with a food cart he soon found too limiting for his big ideas. It’s been years in the making, but now, he’s poised to offer Columbus something they’ve really never had.

“There’s sort of a garage rock principle behind everything that we do,” shares Cyan. “We take a solid idea, execute it with simple techniques, and find a way to get it to as many people as we can.”

At Flat Top Pizza Comapny, an 8-inch, 6-slice pie will cost diners only $7-$8. Cyan tries to keep his pies quiet in number of toppings, but loud in flavor, so expect to find Roma & Pesto and Sausage & Red Onion Pizzas, as well as traditional Pepperoni.

The Flat Top Pizza Company also makes soda and ice cream in-truck and from scratch. They cook the custard that forms the base of their ice cream on the flat top, the truck’s only source of heat. All of their sodas are house-infused and hand mixed.

Their cola is a blend of cinnamon and lime, a combination they decided on after researching the history of cola, and if you can get through a glass without giggling, both out of nostalgia and appreciation, you’re better than most.

A 12-ounce soda, over ice, costs $3. For $10, guests can get a pizza and hand-mixed soda, perfect for two or a very hungry one. Diners can also feast on Ice Cream Floats – 2 scoops for only $7.

Ice cream at Flat Top Pizza Company comes in traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio, but Cyan encourages folks to try one of the special flavors they usually carry, like ginger and apple. A scoop of ice cream runs $3; two scoops for $5.

The Flat Top Pizza Company can be found at locations all across the city, including Four String Brewing and Zauber Brewing in Grandview. For a look at their schedule and menu, visit

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