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Five Stories Proposed for Corner of Fifth and Summit in Italian Village

Brent Warren Brent Warren Five Stories Proposed for Corner of Fifth and Summit in Italian VillagePhoto by Walker Evans.
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Add the southwest corner of East Fifth Avenue and Summit Street to the long list of proposed mixed-use developments in Italian Village. A two-part proposal from developer Brad Howe and Shremshock Architects calls for a three-story townhome building as well as a five-story residential and retail development for the corner, which is currently home to a former gas station building (and many parked taxicabs).

Howe, whose previous projects include the Jackson on High and the Burwell townhomes, declined to comment extensively on the project at this stage in its development. He did confirm, though, that he has acquired the parcel, and said that discussions with the Italian Village Commission about a plan to develop it in two phases have been largely positive.


The first phase, which was presented to the commission at a special meeting in September, is an eight-unit townhome building that would face Greenwood Avenue. Conceptual plans for the second phase of the project call for a five-story building built up to the corner, with parking provided both below grade and on the first level. Retail storefronts are also envisioned for the ground level, with four floors of residential above.

Karrick Sherrill of Shremschock Architects said that elevations for the townhome building would be presented to the commission at their October meeting. As for what the exterior of the larger building will look like, he said they are still a few months out from addressing the details of the second phase of the project.

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Site plan via Shremshock Architects.

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