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Fitness Review: Cycle614

Sara Gaul Sara Gaul Fitness Review: Cycle614Photos provided by Cycle 614.
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting patiently for an indoor cycling studio to open in Columbus and Cycle614 is finally here.

I love riding my bike outdoors and I often taken advantage of indoor cycling studios while traveling for work in other cities. However, with winter quickly approaching, I was excited to try Columbus’ first and only studio dedicated to indoor cycling.

There is something that sets apart dedicated cycling studios from your typical group spinning classes at a gym. Many concepts are formatted to be 45 minutes set to high energy music and often incorporate strength moves. I also appreciate when these studios leverage new technology that can really push your workout to the next level.

I’m happy to report that Cycle 614 offers all of the above. The 45 minute class, set in a black-lit room, provided a heart-pumping cycling workout with free-weight arm exercises weaved in throughout. The upbeat playlist and enthusiastic instructor made the class a fun escape and a major calorie burner.


Cycle614 appeals to all types of fitness enthusiasts. Performance is tracked on your personal account so you can monitor goals and results. If you’re someone who feels more comfortable pushing yourself to achieve goals, the bikes are equipped with a computer to monitor individual performance. If you’re more the competitive type, the beat board will show how your total power (speed and resistance) compares to the bikes around you. Even the most novice indoor cyclists can feel comfortable knowing that the knowledgeable staff will help set your bike and walk you through various positions.

The studio also offers extra perks including cell phone charging lockers, a retail space, showers and a schedule that appeals to all lifestyles.

For more information or to book a bike, visit www.cycle614.com.

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