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First Major Grant Announced by Isabelle Ridgway Foundation

First Major Grant Announced by Isabelle Ridgway Foundation
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Elderly African American residents of Columbus’ Near East Side will soon benefit from support & resources through Central Community House—thanks to an innovative grant made by the Isabelle Ridgway Foundation.

Dedicated to promoting the health, wellbeing, independence and dignity of aging and elderly African Americans, the Isabelle Ridgway Foundation’s first-ever grant will fund the creation of a new Village Coordinator position. This person will serve as a connection point to bridge the needs of seniors with the resources available to help them.

As the population of residents in central Ohio aged 65 and over is expected to double over the next 35 years (Age Friendly Columbus Survey Report, 2017), it will become increasingly important to meet the specific challenges of an aging population in ways that improve the quality of their lives and maintain their dignity.

Read more about this grant and the Isabelle Ridgway Foundation.

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