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First Look: Tigertree

Susan Post Susan Post First Look: TigertreeTigertree will open May 20 for appointment-only shopping at 3284 N. High St. - All photos by Susan Post
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Tigertree is ready to welcome in-person shoppers to its new digs in Clintonville. The retailer moved from Short North roughly three and a half miles up High to settle in at 3284 N. High St.

When Tigertree announced its departure from the Short North last summer after nearly a decade and a half, Co-Founder Josh Quinn said a return to brick-and-mortar was in the cards. By February, the retailer had landed its new home in Clintonville.

In its new iteration, Tigertree will focus on the art of the gift.

“Now, we’re really passionate about helping people solve the problem of being anxious about giving gifts,” Quinn says.

The shop is not just a space to find gifts, but a space for education on gift giving. That education will take a few formats. Quinn says they are planning for both online and in-person courses, kicking things off over the next few months.

For the long-form learner, “We walk you through strategic listening strategies to really learn to pull good gift ideas out from people and to write them down and have them on hand,” Quinn says.

For the shopper who needed a gift yesterday, Quinn says there will be more of an in-store crash course questionnaire to help gift-givers pull out ideas they might not know they have.

Tigertree has taken over the former home of Lacquer Gallery in Clintonville

Shoppers will have about four times the gifts to choose from as well. At its Short North store, Tigertree had about 500 square feet of space dedicated to gifts. In Clintonville, it’s nearly 2,000 square feet.

Housewares and food items like tea and chocolate are some of the biggest additions to the Tigertree lineup. The card selection has also more than tripled, and there are more books, puzzles and office supplies to peruse.

Tigertree has tripled its card selection with more to come

Tigertree will opt for appointment-only shopping in its first few weeks, officially welcoming shoppers as of Thursday, May 20. Shoppers sign up online for a 30-minute appointment with no more than four people. Not done in 30 minutes? Appointments are allowed to overlap with a max store capacity of 10 guests at a time.

Initially, the shop will be open Thursday through Saturday, but work its way up to five or six days a week over the next several weeks. Quinn says they do plan to keep one to two days that are appointment-only shopping for the customers that prefer it.

Quinn is excited to get back to the in-person experience and be part of a community and neighborhood again. While there’s plenty of foot traffic to be had, he’s also looking forward to what will likely be a slower pace compared to the Short North. It’s more time to connect with customers and really understand their needs.

Tigertree will include an expanding selection of kid-friendly items from its sister-store Cub Shrub

While Tigertree is opening at a time when COVID-related health orders are lifting, “We are not planning on rolling back any of our COVID mitigation efforts,” Quinn says.

Masks are still required for staff and customers. Moving into a space formerly inhabited by a salon, the store already had a strong ventilation system and they’ve added high-efficiency air filters.

For those that got used to shopping Tigertree online, the brand will continue online sales through its website.

Click here to make an appointment to shop at Tigertree. For more information, visit shoptigertree.com.

All photos by Susan Post

A plethora of puzzles
The new shop features a wide selection of jewelry
Housewares are a new feature of Tigertree’s lineup
The shop will add more food items which currently include chocolate, tea and more
Banners and posters lining the wall behind the register
What’s a store focused on gift-giving without the wrappings
Quinn says office supplies have become increasingly popular
Tigertree is stocking more books, including several selections from Two Dollar Radio

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