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First Look: The Zauber Brewing Co’s New Taproom

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: The Zauber Brewing Co’s New Taproom
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Zauber Brewing is ringing in 2014 in a big way. The bar at their new taproom officially opens today, offering their beer on draft for on-site consumption at their facilities for the first time since their launch in 2012.

The new facility at 909 West Fifth Avenue seats 90 patrons at indoor picnic tables in a beer-hall style configuration with plans to build out a a 50-seat patio when the weather gets warmer. The back of the building houses Zauber’s enhanced brewing facilities that are still in the process of getting moved in and upgraded. The new warehouse will allow Zauber to increase production capacity and product range.

“It was always the plan to get ‘phase 2’ going as fast as possible, but it took a little longer than we originally expected to expand,” said Zauber founder Geoff Towne last summer when he first announced the relocation project. “Having said that, we are very excited about our new location. The new building has great character and an easy-to-find address on Fifth Avenue in the 5xNW Area.”

More information can be found online at www.zbeers.com.

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