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First Look: The Guild House Debuts

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner First Look: The Guild House Debuts
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Cameron Mitchell has brought his third concept to the Short North. The Guild House, at 624 N. High Street, sits right across the street from sister restaurants The Pearl and Marcella’s, within the new Le Meridien The Joseph hotel.

Chuck Kline, VP of Operations, describes the Guild House as the “polished sister to the Pearl.”  Food is fresh, and sourced from the best places possible across Ohio and the U.S. Locals include Dan the Baker, Blue Jacket Dairy, and Gerber Farms, to name a few. The inside is warm and impressive, seating 150. High white crown molded ceilings boldened with refinished wood beams are complemented by Persian rugs, lime green glass chandeliers, and several large paintings commissioned from the Brenda Kroos Gallery. The name stems from the word ‘guild,’ meaning a ‘collection of artisans.’ The Guild House has come together over the years as a culinary guild partnered with local artisans.

The menu is described as rustic chic, pairing approachable dishes with upscale, colorful presentations. A few of their dinner options include raw ahi tuna ribbons, grilled Portobello mushrooms, kielbasa, and ricotta gnocchi. Over 100 wine bottles are available, and drinks at the cozy bar are accented with fresh fruits and veggies. The Guild House’s signature drink, the cocktail for two, is served in a round glass porthole filled with Bacardi, grapefruit juice, almond syrup, and fresh orange and cinnamon. The cocktail develops tableside, like a personalized liquor sangria.

Out of Columbus’s 12 Cameron Mitchell concepts, this is the first breakfast venture. The menu features typical breakfast fare like eggs benedict and oatmeal alongside more distinct options, like smoked chicken hash. Drinks include an array of fresh market juices.

The Guild House is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For more information, visit www.theguildhousecolumbus.com.




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