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First Look: Fours on High

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega First Look: Fours on HighPhotos by Lauren Sega.
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Barrel on High is no more, and a family of campus bars just added a new member. Fours on High, a sister bar to Threes Above High and the former Toos Under High, opened its doors on August 1, after an extensive renovation.

What was once an intimate whiskey bar is now an open area prioritizing bar space and large numbers of bodies. Barrel’s main bar has remained, and a second bar has opened at the back. In between is a stage for live performances.

As promised, Fours’s menu is full of handhelds, including egg rolls, corndogs, and garlic knots. Other dishes include mussels, Thai Brussels sprouts, an Impossible burger, an Italian panini, and more. 

Behind the bar they’re putting out several specialty cocktails, six beers on tap, an assortment of canned beers, and a range of spirits. While significantly pared down from what Barrel offered, Fours’ whiskey list is 26 long and options range from Bulleit to Blantons.

Owner Scott Ellsworth says that although Barrel is gone, parts of it live on, in the fare, the “$5 Dolla Holla” wheel, and the ever-present artistry of Bob Ross on the TV.

“I mean, Barrel started this. I couldn’t be here without Barrel and I still respect it,” says Ellsworth. “But I’m much happier with our brand down here, and I think it fits in with everything else that’s going on in the area.”

Fours is located at 1120 N. High St.

For more information, visit foursonhigh.com.

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