First Floor Expansion Added to Bollinger Hotel Proposal

Brent Warren Brent Warren First Floor Expansion Added to Bollinger Hotel ProposalRendering via Meyers + Associates Architecture.
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The latest proposal for Bollinger Tower calls for a first-floor addition that would extend the building toward High Street.

The conversion of the 11-story building from affordable housing into a hotel received its first review from the Italian Village Commission last month. That initial proposal called for maintaining the existing green space in front, but commissioners suggested that bringing the building to the street would be preferable.

It was pointed out that when the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority renovated the structure in 2009, the commission recommended bringing the building to the street.

Commissioner Jason Sudy acknowledged that the front lawn is utilized by the current residents of the building, but said he doubts that hotel guests would activate the space in the same way.

The new plan calls for an expanded lobby and a 1,500 square foot retail storefront, with a smaller open space in between that would serve as an entryway for the hotel. A maximum of 190 rooms are planned, along with conference rooms and an exercise facility in what will likely be a Cambria Hotel and Suites. The existing 35-space parking lot in the back of the building would remain, with a plan to lease additional spaces in the neighborhood for valet use.

Schiff Capital Group is leading the development team pursuing the project and Meyers + Associates Architecture is designing the renovation. The proposal will be reviewed by the commission at its August 16th meeting.


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