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FinTech Provider FloQast is Having an Exciting Year

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman FinTech Provider FloQast is Having an Exciting YearFloQast's Ohio team on a charity golf outing last year. Photo courtesy of FloQast.
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FinTech provider FloQast is having a good year.

The company, which provides workflow automation software for accounting and finance teams, was founded back in 2013 and opened its Dublin office in 2017. There are currently about 10 employees at FloQast’s Dublin office, of the over 200 employees nationwide and at its Los Angeles headquarters.

FloQast announced last month that it has raised $110 million in its latest round of funding, valuing the company at $1.2 billion.

Alex Pukos, senior manager of product support at FloQast, called the company LA and Central Ohio’s latest unicorn, a term used in finance to refer to a privately-held startup valued at over $1 billion.

“With the round of funding we plan to invest a ton back into the product and into the customer success team and into sales,” said Pukos. “Our Columbus office is involved with all three of those segments.”

Like many companies, FloQast transitioned to remote work last year. Working from home wasn’t difficult to manage for FloQast, and like other tech companies, the change lead to an uptick in business.

“Tech fared better because of the tools we’re equipped with,” he said. “And then from a business perspective, other companies working virtually was very beneficial to us, because one of the benefits of our software is it helps virtual or dispersed accounting and finance teams work together and remain efficient.”

During the pandemic, FloQast’s lease in Dublin expired, and the company began looking for offices elsewhere. They ultimately decided to move — just a floor up from their previous space — because they didn’t have any real interest in leaving Dublin, or their current building for that matter.

The company welcomed some employees back for a soft opening earlier this year.

“We stayed within the same building, just moved to a new suite, and Dublin and the growth here was a big part of that,” said Pukos.

Dublin has provided a great setting for spoiling employees, Pukos said, including free lunches and catered breakfasts. And tech professionals are flocking to Dublin, which is a huge part of why FloQast chose to stay.

“Being able to hop over to Bridge Park and seemingly check out a new restaurant every week is a big part of what brings us here, trying to attract top talent,” he said. “Since we are on this rocket ship growth, we need the best of the best, and people want to come and work in Dublin.”

For more information on FloQast, visit floqast.com.

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