Fine Feather Headed for Grandview Avenue

Susan Post Susan Post Fine Feather Headed for Grandview AvenueRenderings provided by Fine Feather via Tim Lai Architect
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A new clean beauty and wellness store is headed for Grandview. Fine Feather is aiming for a mid-July opening at 1201 Grandview Ave., the former home of Chapel Hill Florist.

Fine Feather’s wares will be divided into three sections: makeup, skincare and wellness, and encompass products from hair and body care, to superfoods and therapeutic remedies. The curation largely comes from Founder Diana Wang’s own experience and research.

Wang comes from the world of food, spending time as a pastry chef for Grow Restaurants to Pistacia Vera. But it was her passion for understanding what’s in food and how it’s produced that led her to take a second look at her personal care product arsenal.

Wang says what you are putting on your body, you are putting in your body, so she started seeking out more clean alternatives to the beauty products she was using. She found she had to resort to buying many products online. Even more health-oriented grocery stores that have banned certain ingredients like parabens, sulfates, phthalates and petrochemicals from their goods, still fall short on standards widely held across Europe and Canada.

“The beauty industry in the U.S. is really given the green light to self regulate,” Wang says. From high-end to drugstore brands, “They are really formulating for a shelf life and to produce in mass quantities,” Wang continues.

Renderings provided by Fine Feather via Tim Lai Architect

Instead, Fine Feather will carry brands like Artifact Skin Co, CAP Beauty, Ded Cool, Gryph & Ivy Rose, Habit, Kjaer Weis, Wooden Spoon Herbs, Goop, Josh Rosebrook, Kari Gran, Four Sigmatic, Leahlani, Boy Smells, Beekeeper’s Naturals, and Rahua. Wang says a vast majority of the products don’t currently have a physical retail presence in Columbus.

Wang hopes that by giving these brands a physical presence, she can reduce the barrier of people trying out clean alternatives. When it can be difficult to shop for beauty products and makeup online, most of the goods at Fine Feather will be available to try, swatch and smell.

In addition to beauty products and makeup, Fine Feather will have a selection of ingestibles, superfoods and therapeutic remedies, like probiotic powder, mushroom elixirs and coffees and medicinal mushrooms. For Wang, there’s not one without the other.

“I really believe that beauty on the inside is what feeds beauty on the outside,” she says.

Wang doesn’t want Fine Feather to be a place of fear mongering or force people to stop using everything they currently do. She’s more focused on presenting clean product alternatives that work as well, if not better, than conventional products.

For more information, visit finefeathershop.com and follow along on Instagram for updates on opening day.

Renderings provided by Fine Feather via Tim Lai Architect
Renderings provided by Fine Feather via Tim Lai Architect
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