Big Changes in Store for Intersection of Fifth and Summit

Brent Warren Brent Warren Big Changes in Store for Intersection of Fifth and SummitAll renderings by Shremshock Architects.
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Developer Brad Howe’s Burwell Heights project got another look from the Italian Village Commission this month. The five-story, mixed use building with ground-floor commercial would hold 74 residential units and sit at the southwest corner of Summit Street and East Fifth Avenue.

The first detailed discussion of the project by the commission was in March of this year, while the first phase of the development — eight townhomes at the southern edge of the site that will face Greenwood Avenue — is currently under construction.

Italian Village Commissioner Josh Lapp stressed the importance of getting the design right at such a prominent intersection.

“The commission sees this project as an opportunity to set the tone for Fifth Avenue, as well as provide a gateway into Italian Village and the Short North,” he said.

Jason Sudy, who also sits on the commission, expressed optimism that the most recent improvements “have gotten us much closer to approving the overall site plan and massing,” adding that “the new design incorporates varied heights with flat roofs and more appropriately establishes a character for this emerging intersection.”

The elevations submitted to the commission also provided the first glimpse of a proposal for across the street. Howe presented to the University Area Commission in November a plan for a three-story, mixed-use building at the northwest corner of Summit and Fifth. The UAC was split on the project — seven votes in favor, and seven against.

Commissioner Susan Keeny, who chairs the UAC’s zoning committee, explained that the final decision on the development now rests with City Council.

“We sent our results to the city and the applicant will appear sometime before City Council for a final vote,” she said.

Howe declined to comment on either proposal at this point in time.



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