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Walker Evans
Walker is the Co-Founder and CEO of Columbus Underground and The Metropreneur. He regularly writes on a wide variety of local news topics including trend-based features, and can be found shooting photos and videos around the city for CU features. Walker currently volunteers on the boards of the Gay Street Collaborative business association, Parters Achieving Community Transformation (PACT) and devotes time casually to other local groups that help to improve Columbus.
[email protected]

Anne Evans
Anne is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations for The Metropreneur and Columbus Underground. Her regular columns are At Home, focused on living in urban areas and historic homes, At Work, focused on working in urban areas and creative spaces, and Mega Weekend, plus whatever other Columbus stories there are that need to be told! Anne began the Historical Dinner Club in October 2013, an event benefiting the Columbus Historical Society. She also advocates for Columbus City Schools and actively works to improve the elementary school at Hubbard Avenue.
[email protected]

Brent Warren
Brent is a staff contributor to Columbus Underground who writes about urban development, transportation, city planning, neighborhoods, civics and other related topics. Brent was born and raised in Grandview Heights and has a Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning from OSU.
[email protected]

Lauren Sega
Lauren is a staff reporter for Columbus Underground covering political issues on the local, state and national levels, as well as local food and restaurant news. She grew up near Cleveland, graduated from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, and loves running, traveling and hiking.
[email protected]

Susan Post
Susan is the lead staff writer for TheMetropreneur.com and contributor on ColumbusUnderground.com covering small businesses and entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. She also manages the social media for the publications. Susan holds a degree in Communication with a minor in Professional Writing from The Ohio State University. She sits on the board of the Central Ohio Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and loves coffee, whiskey, cooking and spending time with friends and family.
[email protected]

Kylie Harwell-Sturgill
Kylie writes the Mega Weekend updates and assists with graphic design, events and more at CU. Her background in music performance, visual art, and journalism gives her an appreciation for connecting with local artists and writers in Columbus. Kylie graduated from The Ohio State School of Music, and she enjoys attending classical, postrock, and experimental concerts.
[email protected]

Tim Fulton
Tim is a Columbus-native/enthusiast who has worked in media, arts event marketing, and tech-centric startup consulting. In addition to The Confluence Cast, he produces events for the Columbus creative community, sits on various boards and commissions, and is a proud dad.
[email protected]

Taijuan Moorman
Taijuan is a intern for Columbus Underground and The Metropreneur, and is an Ohio University Scripps graduate. She loves podcasts, hip hop and Columbus’ ever-growing arts scene.
[email protected]

Miriam Bowers Abbott
Miriam is a freelancer contributor to Columbus Underground who reviews restaurants, writes food-centric featurettes and occasionally pens other community journalism pieces.
[email protected]

Hope Madden
Hope is a freelance contributor on Columbus Underground who covers the independent film scene, writes film reviews and previews film events.
[email protected]

Richard Sanford
Richard is a freelance contributor to Columbus Underground covering the city's vibrant theatre scene. You can find him seeking inspiration at a variety of bars, concert halls, performance spaces, museums and galleries.
[email protected].

Jeff Regensburger
Jeff is a painter, librarian, and drummer in the rock combo The Christopher Rendition. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (Painting and Drawing) from The Ohio State University in 1990 and an Master’s Degree in Library Science from Kent State University in 1997.
[email protected].

Jesse Bethea
Jesse is a freelance features writer at Columbus Underground covering neighborhood issues, economics, science, technology and other topics. He is a graduate from Ohio University, a native of Fairfax, Virginia and a fan of movies, politics and baseball.
[email protected]

Grant Walters
Grant is a freelance contributor for Columbus Underground who writes about comedy and music. He is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a Master of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.
[email protected]

Randi Walle
Randi is a freelance writer & photographer who studied photography at Columbus State Community College and is currently pursuing her passion of combining photography with the written word.
[email protected]

Melanie McIntyre
Melanie is a featured freelance writer for Columbus Underground who also writes about fashion, style and pop culture on her blog, Thoroughly Modern Melly. Melanie is an Ohio State University graduate, lives in the Short North, and enjoys reading and running.
[email protected]

Martha Trydahl
Martha is a freelance TV critic for Columbus Underground. You can find her on her couch, preferably drinking wine, watching TV with her husband and two children.
[email protected]

Cody Starcher
Cody writes about Video Games for Columbus Underground, and is the Community Coordinator and Partner at Multivarious Games, an indie game studio based here in Columbus. His achievements include helping to organizing the annual GDEX, a Video Game expo that focuses on spotlighting smaller game developers.
[email protected]

Nancy Alkire
Nancy writes about yoga for Columbus Underground, and has practiced yoga off and on since WOSU broadcast Lilias, Yoga and You in the 1970’s. She has attended classes with Charlotte Bell, Bryan Kest and Kino MacGregor.
[email protected]

Travis Irvine
Travis is a journalist, comedian, filmmaker and unsuccessful politician. A graduate of Columbia Journalism School, his work has been featured on VICELAND, the Guardian, HuffPost and elsewhere. In 2007, Travis ran for mayor of Bexley and turned the experience into a documentary.
[email protected]

Stephanie Mitchell Hughes
Stephanie is a writer and speaker courageously communicating her truth. She openly shares living with depression, life as a single mother, and other challenges to encourage and inspire others.
[email protected]

David Staley
David is president of Columbus Futurists and a professor of history, design and educational studies at The Ohio State University. He is the host of CreativeMornings Columbus.
[email protected]

Doug Motz
Doug is a lifelong resident of Franklin County and is passionate about Columbus and its history. He is a Past President of the Columbus Historical Society and is the co-author of multiple books on Columbus restaurant history.
[email protected]

Matt Ellis
Matt is a freelance photographer who covers music that happens in the city and the Columbus Crew SC home games. More photography from Matt can be found at his 500px page.
[email protected]

Lillian Dent
Lillian is a photography and graphic design intern at Columbus Underground. She is also a Sophomore Advertising and Graphic Design student at Columbus College of Art & Design.
[email protected]

Brian J. Robinson
Brian is a Columbus-based freelance photographer. Brian has eight years of experience in photojournalism, shooting for various publications. In addition to photography Brian works full-time in Information Technology.
[email protected]

Past Writers

The following writers are no longer actively contributing to CU, but you can still view many of their articles in our archives.

Jenna Taylor

Rebecca Wagner

Ayana Wilson

Cassandra Zahran

Nen Lin Soo

Chris Landauer

Sally Wenxin Xia

Audrey Bonfig

Emma Surber

Bree Henry

Grace Fleisher

Briana Ekanem

Chrissy Adams

Reggie Anglen

Miranda Rife

Hannah Herner

Sara Gaul

Nicholas Herum

Lauren Verhage

Lisa Much

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