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Fall Guide to Local Music – Part I

Cassandra Zahran Cassandra Zahran Fall Guide to Local Music – Part IPhoto via A&R Music Bar.
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It’s here and we’re ready. The seasonal half-time that rests between painfully thick humidity and life threatening black ice, is called Autumn. Now, I assume we’re all familiar with the lovely cliches that rack our brain as the season arrives: bonfires, whiskey, beards in flannels, pumpkin spice and Hocus Pocus. But, what about those more subtle loves that we absentmindedly ignore? Like the relief one gets when you slap Chapstick on chapped lips, or ladies… the wool coat we get to proudly grow on our legs. How about my favorite one of all? The feeling you get after trudging through subzero temperatures, boots soaking and nose on the brink of frostbite, only to feel the warmth of your favorite bar swallow you in, to visit your favorite band and see your favorite people. Tis’ the season for local music!

Listed below are Columbus’ beloved and most attended spaces. Local bands old, new and re-born are packing their fall coat with their equipment, and gracing the music culture with an entire season of rock.

Spacebar – 2590 North High Street

Recently opened in the beginning of September, Spacebar’s bar marquee has been turning heads. The enticing aesthetics and the committed fan-base are ready to break-in the bar and rub some dirt on the walls. Already implemented early in the week, head to Spacebar, wearing your choker necklace and combat boots, for Punk-Rock Karaoke every monday, and Open Mic/Live Night every Tuesday.

  • Friday, September 19th – Sleep Fleet, I Mustache You a Question and The Kickstand Band
  • Thursday, September 25th  – Damn the Witch Siren!, Fort Wilson Riot and The Halamays
  • Saturday, September 27th – EYE
  • Friday, October 17th – The Pleasant Tense, The High-Definitions, The New Old-Fashioned (Dayton)

Ace of Cups – 2619 North High Street

Across the street from Spacebar, Ace of Cups has been a staple in this town for what seems like eternity. Every first Saturday of the month, the hot-pants make it out of the closet, and a line rolls out of Ace of Cups for the excitement of Heatwave. The bar is popular, trendy and houses incredible live rock shows. Having hosted Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, Divine Fits, Quilt and many more, Ace of Cups rallies in folks from each corner of Columbus. And it goes without saying, when the belly’s achin’ from all the beer you’ve been tastin’, Ray Ray’s Hog Pit is a delightfully messy treat.

  • Wednesday, September 24th – Brat Curse, Nude Art and The Harlequins
  • Wednesday, October 1st – Van Dale, Joy Ride! and Delay
  • Saturday, October 4th – Heatwave!

Brothers Drake Meadery – 26 East 5th Avenue

When I’m headed to Brothers Drake for jazz night, or perhaps a show I’ve heard buzz about, I know without hesitation I  am going to have a good, long evening at this venue. With beer on tap and fresh mead ready for tasting, Brothers Drake gives you that warm feeling in your belly. If mead is your fancy, you’re in fermented-honey-heaven. A venue that never ceases to stop dancing and inter-mingling, Brothers Drake is friendly, friendly, friendly.

  • Friday, September 26th – The Receiver, New Vega and Glenn Davis (Way Yes)
  • Friday October 3rd – Oliver Oak Album Release
  • Saturday, October 4th – Angela Perley  & The Howlin’ Moons w/ Andrew Leahey & The Homestead

Tree Bar – 887 Chambers Road

Small, quaint, humble, and opened by the “Andyman” Davis in 1999, Tree Bar is unique in every which way. With a massive tree stump that welcomes you into the live music room, a full bar and walls littered with charming wall decor, Tree Bar has earned it’s spot here in Columbus as an original music club. If you haven’t made your way down to the venue, allow yourself to have a personal experience with a delightful bar.

  • Friday, September 19th – Jeremy Poerter and the Tucos w/ Ghost Shirt
  • Sunday, September 21st- Cliffs, Awful Nothings and Emily and the Complexes
  • Friday, September 26th – Elliott Smith Tribute

Carabar – 115 Parsons Avenue

You attend Carabar for one of a few reasons: (1) There’s a band you thoroughly enjoy playing, and you want to dance however you want, with you want in any which way. (2) Your friends are going and Carabar is a judgement free zone. Wear that faux fur mink jacket (with garnets for eyes) you’ve been dying to take out of your grandmother’s closet and take it out for a night on the town. You can socialize by chain smoking, bump into the cutie you’ve been eyeing on the way to the bathroom, or just keep it intimate with your suggested group of friends. (3) If you go to Carabar, you’re going to have a good time. It’s basically in their code.

  • Thursday, September 18th – Lord Fowl, Savage and Swarm
  • Friday, October 3rd – Comrade Question, Shivering Timbers and The Worn Flints
  • Friday, October 26th – Destroyer of Light, Witchnipple and War Elephant

A&R Music Bar – 391 Neil Avenue

A&R Music Bar may not exactly house local music, but it’s where all of the local musicians congregate to celebrate the music that inspires. With eye-popping performances from The Skaters and The Orwells and a tear-jerking performance from The Antlers, A&R Bar is the venue that houses it all. Friendly staff, large seated patio and a dance floor that can take the evening to the next level, A&R Bar is always worth keeping an eye out for.

  • Friday, September 19th – J. Roddy Walston and the Business (Correction: this show is at the Newport)
  • Sunday, September 21st – Black Lips w/ King Khan
  • Saturday, October 4th – Tennis
  • Thursday, November 6th – Vance Joy

For more upcoming live music events, CLICK HERE to view our full event calendar.

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