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Explorers Club Closes Restaurant, Shifts Focus to Food Truck

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Explorers Club Closes Restaurant, Shifts Focus to Food Truck
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Sad news for South Side residents: Explorers Club has closed their brick and mortar location at 1586 South High Street. The Merion Village restaurant opened in 2011, serving a global-fusion menu for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The closing was announced yesterday on Explorers Club’s website and Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that Orlando and I must announce the closing of the Explorers Club. For the last four years the restaurant has been “the little engine that could” for all of us here on the South Side but after much deep thought, exhaustion and the recognition of fiscal realities we must, for now, leave the brick and mortar part of the business and concentrate on our food truck and catering businesses. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our patrons, our staff and the neighborhood for helping us and supporting us. We deeply appreciate all of you and we will miss all of you. Please come and visit us at our food truck where we will continue to serve our Latin inspired cuisine.

Thank you,

Tracy and Orlando

While the restaurant has shut its doors, Explorers Club isn’t gone for good; the vegan-friendly food truck and catering business will remain in operation, meaning their popular Mofongo sandwich, jalapeno slaw, and fried plantains will still be up for grabs. Keep tabs on the food truck here.

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