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Explore Ohio: Sleep in a Treehouse at The Mohicans

Anne Evans Anne Evans Explore Ohio: Sleep in a Treehouse at The MohicansPhotos by Walker Evans.
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Sleeping high among the treetops. Not something you typically envision being able to do in the woods of Ohio, but it is a possibility near Mohican State Park, home to thousands of acres of parkland and river.

Laura and Kevin Mooney offer three treehouses and four cabins for folks to come get away from it all and enjoy a quiet time away in nature. The Mooneys incorporated sustainable design concepts into their newest properties on The Mohicans, “including passive solar, radiant heat, on-demand hot water, reused and repurposed materials (windows, doors, barn beams, siding and cabinets), local materials (wood milled on-site) and labor (most laborers lived no more than 8 miles away), and recyclable materials (long lasting metal roofs and wooden structures).”

Pete Nelson of The Discovery Channel’s Tree House Masters designed The White Oak and The Little Red Tree Houses. He specializes in building luxury backyard treehouses, a perfect fit for the Mooney’s business model of getaway properties.

Walker and I were invited to spend a night at The Little Red Tree House, during a crisp winter evening. It was a total surprise to me, and I have to admit, not really what I thought we were off to do – I mean, no internet? no cable? How would I relax?


We arrived to the treehouse after several hours of driving, our car having a little trouble making it up the snow covered drive. A trip which should have taken a little over an hour, but a wrong turn lengthened the travel time. It was welcomed though, as we spent the time together chatting about whatever, not having to talk above the voices of our children.

Crystal-clear views of the stars watching over you really helps ground you back to nature and succeeds in making you feel amazing to be alive, yet so small in the scheme of things. To get to the cabin, you need to walk up a hill to a staircase and then cross a bridge, not a small feat when you are carrying a few bags with you, it’s dark, and the ground is covered in ice and snow. The bridge was clear though and the treehouse was warm. A small place, suitable for a couple, there is a seating area, a counter with stools, an efficient kitchen space, indoor sink and toilet, and a lofted bed. We did not try the outdoor shower. There’s also a balcony to admire the treetops.


If you’d like to book a stay in the treehouses, you will need to do it early, as the beautiful location fills up for weddings during the warm weather dates.

Weekends at The Little Red Tree House from April to December will cost you $280 per night, weeknights (Sunday-Thursday) are $250. From January to March, prices are $250 and $230, respectively. No pets are allowed. Find The Mohicans at 22650 Vess Road, Glenmont, Ohio, 44628. For more information, call 440-799-3419 or visit TheMohicans.net.

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