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Explore Columbus: Ziplining Through the Trees

Briana Ekanem Briana Ekanem Explore Columbus: Ziplining Through the TreesPhotos via Zipzone Canopy Tours.
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If you’ve never gone zip lining, I urge you to try it this summer.  And if you’re an experienced zip-liner, I encourage you to take a swing at ZipZone Canopy Tours, as I found theirs to be a very unique experience.

ZipZone Canopy Tours is the first zip-lining course in Franklin County, located within Camp Mary Orton, near Worthington, Ohio. The campground consists of 167 wooded acres in Columbus.  And through the Godman Guild Association, Camp Mary Orton has been home to several summer youth programs for over 90 years.

ZipZone LLC opened its doors in 2012, and in partnership with the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District, each tour “provides guests an outdoor adventure experience filled with high-speed fun and an up-close view of the forest canopy.” While allowing guests to become eye-level with the treetops and high above the ground, the company takes pride in its efforts to better the environment and spread their knowledge of the “language of the forest.”

Although it was surely an adrenaline rush, there was not one moment that I felt my safety was in jeopardy. The harnesses are easily adjustable, allowing you to customize the tightness. I, being the worrying person that I am, chose to tighten my harness in all areas as tight as it would go without hindering my breathing.The same went for the helmet, several times throughout the tour; the guides made sure it was still securely snug and fastened, along with the rest of the equipment.

The guides were both great at making the group feel comfortable and safe for the entirety of the two-hour tour. I asked them several questions throughout our adventure, and all were answered with ease and interest, which went on to prove their knowledge of the course. This helped my comfort level to increase even more so.


Because I was nervous to go initially, I challenged myself to treat the experience as a way to free myself of any unnecessary stresses I had weighing over me that day.

At every landing, before the guide would say the words, “Zip on!” signaling me to go, I closed my eyes and pushed myself off, almost as if I was pushing the clutter out of my head at the same time.

It was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had. It was hard not to feel like a little kid again, as I found myself giggling and smiling the whole way down the line.

The summer months are meant for relaxation and fun. I recommend any adult to do the same as I did, and allow yourself to let go of the things that may be weighing you down for a day and simply enjoy the ride.


I recommend a trip to ZipZone Canopy Tours to families, groups of friends, and anyone who simply wants to step out of their comfort zone. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

For more information, visit www.zipzonetours.com.

Photos via Zipzone Canopy Tours.

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