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Explore Columbus: Guide to Local Antique Malls

Nen Lin Soo Nen Lin Soo Explore Columbus: Guide to Local Antique MallsAll photos by Nen Lin Soo.
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Browsing through people’s unwanted goods can be likened to treasure hunting. With Columbus being a rapidly growing city, and considering the unique personalities living here, antiques are readily available in both quaint stores and large malls, and that is discounting the online deals catering to antique shoppers.

As you attempt your next DIY weekend project, antique malls may be a wise place to start. While there are people who purchase the antiques as they are, many utilize bits and pieces of the antiques to create new items. There are many antique malls throughout Columbus, with a couple concentrated in certain areas. If you’re a Columbus resident, more often than not, the closest antique mall is less than a 20-minute drive away.

Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Set in a late 1800s house, the Greater Columbus Antique Mall offers antique shopping in an appropriate atmosphere. With five different levels, shoppers may find themselves spending an hour or two rummaging through the different items and browsing the different rooms. The mall in German Village hosts approximately 70 dealers and is open every single day.


This mall stands out not only for the sheer number of goods in its historical building, but also for its haunted aspect, even attracting people who do not have a particular interest in antiques to visit this mall. However, as the store is opened only during the day, not many people have experienced the commonly spoken paranormal activities.

According to the mall employees, these factors all contribute to the uniqueness of the place.

For more information, visit greatercolumbusantiquemall.blogspot.com.

Heritage Square Antique Mall

At 53,000 square feet, this antique mall is considered the largest antique mall in central Ohio. There are two different layouts in this mall— upon walking into the store, shoppers are greeted with rows of glass display cases that individual dealers rent for their goods; the other section in the mall is spread out like Ikea with partitions for each mini segment.


For 9 years, the antique mall has catered to people of all ages, hosting items ranging from A-Z. Shoppers can find anything from Brownie cameras to Native American dolls to Nazi era collector’s items.

“Everybody’s looking for something different,” Kathleen Johnson, cashier at Heritage Square, said.

Tour groups are welcome in this mall, but take heed shoplifters, lest you be featured on the mall’s “Wall of Shame.”

For more information, visit www.heritagesquareantiquemall.com.

Eclectiques Antique Mall

Eclectiques have done so well for itself that it has expanded to another location in downtown Worthington. With 37 dealers in its Clintonville location, this antique mall prides in its customer service. Specializing in Victorian and mid-century modern type pieces, Eclectiques has 8,000 square feet to sell costumes, furniture, vintage bicycles and many more.

Want an antique church pew? This three-level mall’s got it too.

If you’re in the mood for more antique shopping, this part of Clintonville is the place to be, especially if you’re driving. Find a parking spot, and spend a warm summer afternoon visiting the neighboring antique and vintage stores in the area, including Down Memory Lane, The Boomerang Room and SōBō Style.

Fore more information, visit www.eclectiquesantiquemall.com.

All photos by Nen Lin Soo.

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