Explore Columbus: Avoid Getting Eaten by a Zombie

Sara Gaul Sara Gaul Explore Columbus: Avoid Getting Eaten by a Zombie
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When I asked my boyfriend to spend a Wednesday evening trapped in a room with myself and a zombie, he looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. He ultimately agreed to come with me to check out Room Escape Adventures, an interactive theater experience located in Franklinton in the Columbus Idea Foundry Building. We showed up with open minds and a sense of humor as neither of us knew what to expect.

trapped-in-a-room-with-a-zombie-columbusWe were greeted by our host and met our other team members. Teams can have up to eleven people and ours included two moms looking to shake up an average week night and two friends who liked scary movies and were intrigued by the zombie factor. We were given the rundown of the concept and the rules of the game before being lead into the room where we would spend the next 60 minutes trying to escape.

The room is small and filled with several pieces of furniture and random items. The lights are left on so team members can search the room for clues that can ultimately lead to finding the key to freedom. The ever-present zombie is chained to a wall in one corner of the room. The zombie’s chain is extended every five minutes, making it easier for team members to be eaten (which only involves a light tap of the foot). Once eaten, you are no longer allowed to actively participate in the escape but can observe and be vocal. Teammates must work together to solve several mini challenges that culminate in your escape before 60 minutes is up and everyone is eaten.

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is more about mental challenges and team work than terror. Working against the clock and avoiding a hungry zombie add an adrenaline rush to the experience while solving complex riddles with a team provides a sense of accomplishment.

The concept of room escapes is very popular overseas and in online gaming. This particular take on the idea began in Chicago and has traveled to several other major cities including LA, New York, Atlanta and Boston. There is even a Vegas version in the works.

Room Escape Adventures is great for team building or groups of friends looking for a unique, challenging and mildly frightening night out. Unfortunately for my team, we were not smarter than the zombie and our time ran out before our escape.

See if you can fare better than my team and check out www.roomescapeadventures.com.

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