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Evil tWin Opens Retail Shop in the Short North

Briana Ekanem Briana Ekanem Evil tWin Opens Retail Shop in the Short NorthPhotos by Walker Evans.
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Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for dad this year? Stop by Evil tWin, as it opens its doors on a spooky Friday the 13th at 11am. Evil tWin will be a new addition to the Short North this weekend, with a focus on unique and out of this world gadgets and gizmos. From comics to photography, taxidermy to costumes, Evil tWin specializes in “the odd, the macabre, the vintage, and the collectible.”

Timothy Schopler, the founder of Evil tWin, gave more insight into what the store is all about and how a hobby bloomed into a business opportunity.


Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself

A: “I’m from Vandalia, Ohio. I’ve been collecting odd things and vintage toys probably for the past 20 years. So from my love of that I’ve just collected such an overflow and my collection just got so big I decided to seek a business out of it.”

Q: What was your inspiration for the store?

A: “Well I’ve grown up watching movies versus watching sports with my dad, [un]like most kids, my dad was always into black belt theatre and horror films. So I started watching Godzilla, Star Wars, John Carpenter films and things like that as a kid versus watching the NBA. So I just kind of naturally progressed and my parents were smart enough to save most of my toys as a kid, and I still have most of those items even from the early 80’s and mid 70’s.”

Q: Do you have friends or family who are helping with contributions to the store?

A: “My wife has been helping me. She’s actually the owner of Fox & Cream, down the street. So we’re just kind of into branching out so to speak.”

Q: What made you choose the location for the store?

A: “The Short North is a great place to come and visit, there’s lots to do. There’s lots of life that I don’t normally get back home in Vandalia. So it’s really nice to see an eclectic customer base, and I think a lot more people in this area have more similar interests than they do back home. “

Q: What are a few of the weirdest/coolest things that will be featured in your store?

A: “I have some shrunken heads from British Columbia, I have voodoo dolls from New Orleans…. Everything from vintage Star Wars toys to current Halloween items.”

Q: Are there any special plans for the opening on Friday?

A: “I’m doing more of a soft opening now, but I’ll do some grand opening festivities come August.”

(Schopler also added there will be a few giveaways at the opening this Friday, including a raffle for a chance to win a three-foot tall Godzilla toy based on the recent movie remake and Transformers wallets for the first 20 kids that arrive.)

Q: What would you say to draw customers to the store?

A: “I have lots of one-of-a-kind items, and we specialize in limited edition items. So if you have a sense of urgency, you’re much more likely to get something here that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Columbus.”

Evil tWin is located at 1264 N High Street. For more info, visit www.facebook.com/eviltwinshortnorth.

Photos by Walker Evans.

















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